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For centuries, American coal miners used caged canaries and even mice as a natural carbon monoxide and methane detection system. If their feathered and whiskered companions became notably distressed or ended up perishing, a human hazard was clearly present, prompting immediate evacuation. Unfortunately, today’s household pets share a lot in common with coal mine canaries. Spending the majority of their lives indoors, pets can be exposed to more pollutants in a suburban home than if they lived outdoors full-time in a large city.

In human beings, exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution can trigger the development of respiratory infections as well as more troubling conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease. The World Health Organization links the premature death of over 2 million people annually to airborne pollution. Consider what must be happening to dogs, cats and other pets, since animals have a heightened sensitivity to foreign particulates. When pets are constantly exposed to polluted air, there is more of a likelihood that nose and throat ailments, as well as asthma and bronchitis, may develop, particularly among populations exposed to persistent, year-round air pollution, such as in Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Detroit, Philadelphia and even Portland. Doctors with Dove Lewis animal hospital say pet owners should limit animals’ outdoor time especially in regions where wildfire smoke continues to spread across the region, meaning regions with very poor outdoor air quality. Smoke inhalation can cause disorientation and confusion, fainting, lethargy and seizures.

AirRestore neutralizer ensures that your pets are healthy, by improving the quality of the air inside your home, even if they have been exposed to the poor air quality they may have encountered during a walk in your metropolis. Such poor quality can reduce their immunity to diseases and infections, such as hot spots which can cause them great discomfort.

Hot spots, Also known as acute moist dermatitis, are moist and irritated patches on the skin. They often become quite painful. Untreated, hot spots grow quickly, especially in dogs as they tend to lick or scratch the areas more than cats. Licking and chewing on the area creates sores that allow bacteria under the skin. The raw spots then scab and weep. Hot spots are often found on the neck, hips, belly, and limbs. Warm, moist seasons tend to make hot spots worse though they can occur any time of year. Hot spots have many triggers. This makes it important to watch your pet for indications of what might be causing the irritation. Allergic reactions due to poor in/out door air quality is one of its major causes, other causes include: poor grooming, and painful, aching joints can all lead your pet to worry and lick an area raw. These raw, infected spots are what’s known as hot spots.

Your dear pets don’t have to suffer, because of poor human habits that reduce the quality of the air in your environment, that’s why our product, the AirRestore, ensures that the air quality in your home is one that supports healthy living for your pets and helps them to prevent respiratory issues, allergies and other air born diseases. Our product aims to ensure the indoor air quality is maintained at a respiratory-friendly and healthy rate.

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