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Manga 漫画 or ? ) known as the Japanese word for comics and comic books. Outside of Japan it is used both to refer to comic strips of Japanese origin and to the style of drawing used in them.

The Japanese manga is one of the three great historical traditions worldwide, along with the American and French/Belgian. It covers an extensive variety of genres and reaches diverse audiences. It is a very important part of the Japanese publishing market and motivates multiple adaptations to different formats: animation series, known as anime, or real image, movies, video games, and graphic novels. 

Each week or month with deliveries of new magazines are published each series, the melodrama style featuring heroes whose adventures entice readers. Since the eighties they have also been conquering Western markets.

Hentai ( 変態) is a Japanese word which means pervert/perversion or 'transformation / metamorphosis. In addition, hentaiis the name given to the adult and mature manga and anime hentai genre of content. 

The amount of drawings illustrating sexual activity in manga or anime fakku hentai can vary greatly. It also varies the type of sexual activity and the characters involved, who undergo very few restrictions when dealing with fictional characters.

The common meaning it has in the West comes from the Japanese use of etchi , often written echhi, Japanese approximation of the English pronunciation of the letter H), which is believed to be an abbreviated form of hentai comic that was used as a euphemism for 60 years. Although its origins are not entirely clear, not even in Japan. The "H" in Japan is used to refer to any content or sexual activity (equivalent to the 'X' in the West), so "H manga" is manga with sexual content. However "H" and "hentai" are not synonymous, and you can not change one for another.

Wikipe-tan character that contains stereotypes of a manga hentai and anime style drawing.

Anime , also written anime and anime , in Japanese :   (abbreviation of animation (the kansas or animēshon : ), which is the Japanese adaptation of the word animation . Its use on the part of the foreign public to refer to the Japanese animation has ended up by popularly converting it into a term that identifies Japanese animation.

In its beginnings, around 1907, the Japanese animation receives the name of senga eiga (literally "films of drawn lines"), later it will be known with the term Doga ("images in movement") and, finally, on 1960 it will pass to called animeeshon (originallyアニメーションanimēshon ]. Hence be shortened to "anime" (アニメ). on the other hand is believed to be a word of French origin. The anime is a means of great expansion in Japan, being while a product of commercial and cultural entertainment, which has caused a cultural phenomenon in masses and a form of technological art. 

It is potentially aimed at all audiences, from children, adolescents, adults, to classification specializations essentially taken from the existing one for "manga" (Japanese cartoon), with base classes designed for socio demographic specifications such as employees, house, students, etc. Therefore, they can deal with subjects, themes and genres as diverse as love, adventure, science fictions, children's stories, literature, sports, horror, fantasy, comedy, and man others.

Anime is traditionally drawn by hand and at first the processes carried out digitally were very specific (retouching and editing). However, currently the most common tasks within the production of an animation, such as coloring or visual effects (brightness, shadows, ambient light, etc.), are made with digital applications, which allow greater control about work and help to speed up the work of artists at unsuspected levels in a traditional animation process. 

Anime scripts include a large part of the genres of fiction and are transmitted through audiovisual media ( tv broadcasting , distribution in home video formats and films with audio). The relationship of the Japanese anime with the manga is narrow, because historically a large number of series and anime works are based on popular manga stories. In addition, it also has a close relationship with graphic visual novels. 

Anime is characterized mainly by the particular use of the so-called limited animation, the expression in plane, the suspension of time, its thematic amplitude, the presence of historical figures, its complex narrative line and above all, a peculiar style of drawing, with characters characterized by large and oval eyes, very defined line, striking colors and reduced movement of the lips. 


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