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Benefits of Landscape Light Solution


Landscape lighting aims to reveal the concealment of the night, and should improve the house, extend the entertainment time, and provide safety protection for the owners and residents. In addition to the obvious benefits of enjoying the yard in the evening and during the day, illuminating your house can also make the house more visible and therefore safer. By illuminating sidewalks and steps, you don’t need to use a flashlight and reduce the possibility of slipping. In addition, landscape lighting hides intruders by giving them less shadows, thereby deterring intruders.


A well-lit house is the most effective deterrent to intruders, but floodlights will form a bunch of light, and combined with dark pouches usually near windows, provide privacy for intruders to enter your room. By strategically placing beautifying lights to provide uniform lighting, you do not need to provide a protective cover for any possible intruders and improve the safety of your property and home.


Landscape Light Solution can also enhance the aesthetic quality of the property, which is especially beneficial for people who wish to sell their houses. Creative lighting can produce dramatic effects to show off the beauty of your home and highlight the landscape. A house with a well-designed lighting scheme gives the impression of a luxurious manor, which usually leads to an increase in resale value. Potential home buyers usually drive past the house at night to determine if it is worth checking. Decorative lighting attracts these buyers to your home, leaving them with a deep first impression. Those who find the exterior of your house pleasant will believe that the interior of the house must also be beautiful. The result is more potential buyers and an increased awareness of the value of your property.


For those who currently don't care about resale value, a lighted backyard creates more usable space for you and your family at night. Landscape lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere for entertaining on warm summer nights and autumn campfires. Not only can you further enjoy the deck or terrace, but you can also share it with your friends.


Where should you light it?


When deciding where to place the lights, you need to evaluate the elements in the house, such as trees, flower beds, statues, and sidewalks. Which structures should be highlighted and which should be underestimated? You obviously want to ensure safe road lighting, but you also want to show off your carefully cultivated rose bushes or fountains that you can't wait to take home. Trash cans and other annoying things you will want to keep hidden. You are drawing a picture with light in the yard, just like drawing a picture in a landscape painting. The key is to create a balance point, highlight a few points and provide a lighting transition between them. Although there are no rules, too much light will create a busy panorama, and insufficient light will leave unfinished portraits, so careful consideration and planning are required.


Led Video Lighting


The line voltage lighting system runs on the same power source (120 volts) as your house, so it requires the expertise of the electrical contractor to install it. In some cases, installation may require local permits. The 120v wire must be buried 18 inches underground or placed in a protective conduit, and all fixtures and connectors must be completely waterproof. Due to these requirements, once a 120v system is installed, they will be relatively permanent. Their lamps and fixtures are larger, more powerful, and produce high brightness. This is good for a well-lit parking lot, but not in a residential garden. Therefore, the line voltage system is more suitable for large-scale commercial and institutional applications.


Low-voltage lighting system


The low-voltage lighting system is small, flexible and does not require electricians to install, so it is more practical in residential areas. Except for the transformer connected to the 120v circuit, all lamps operate at a harmless 12v current. Cables only need to be hidden, not buried underground, which provides great flexibility when your landscape matures and changes. In addition, the low-pressure system is designed for use in damp places, and exposure to moisture will not cause an electric shock hazard. Low-power lamps have a variety of beam sizes and colors to achieve more precise lighting effects and reduce energy costs. One disadvantage of low-voltage systems is that dim light from voltage drops can occur over long distances. To prevent this, it is important to develop a comprehensive lighting plan to install the correct size transformer, and to consult professionals on proper engineering design and proper size cables.


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