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Your state is an essential part of who you are. Whether it is the state you were born in, grew up in or reside in now this is an essential part of what makes you, you.

Now showing respect for your state of choice can be difficult. Do you get a tattoo of the official bird across your chest? Maybe that is too strong. Perhaps you could turn the state flag into a shirt and wear it! That is a bit lame.

The newfound obsession for showing your state love is through jewelry. Over at Get Name Necklace we have dedicated ourselves to representing each individual state with a personalized necklace! State shaped necklaces are all the rage right now and quite a necessary accessory to help everyone understand just how much you love your home.

Types of Necklaces

Whether you are looking to represent your own state or another you should take up the offer to wear it proudly around your neck! While the necklace is the jeers of choice it does come in multiple styles. The state love necklaces are becoming a very popular option to show your true feelings through the necklace. The necklace is a cut out shape of your personal state and includes a heart cut out within it to show your love!

The classiest option is the gold state necklaces. This variant shows that you are willing to drop a pretty penny to show respect for your home. Go out in style and prove that you love your state the most!

State shaped necklaces are the most popular option. These cut outs are simply the state of your choosing and nothing more.  This bold statement is easily identifiable and honestly the most prominent showing for your state pride. Custom state necklaces are the way to go and the options are extremely varied!

Gifting and Giving

These state pride necklaces make for fantastic gifts! Whether or not you agree with your friend that their state is as great as yours you can settle the grievance over a gesture. The gift of giving custom state necklaces is enough to diffuse any situation! There are so many different types of necklaces that you are guaranteed to find a size and style to match anyone’s needs!

Another more clever option is to give this as a gift for a wedding anniversary! Perhaps you met your one and only in a different state than you currently reside. Wrapping a small carbon copy necklace of the state where you met is a simple yet grandiose gesture that anyone is sure to love a appreciate. The possibilities are endless and the variants are as well!

State Necklaces make great gifts for loved ones, friends and to yourself! Show your love and represent your home. Not everyone knows where you hail from just by liking at you. Make sure they never forget by visiting Get Name Necklace and picking up your custom state necklace today!
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