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Get Help and Stay in Your Home

While there’s no denying the fact that you should pay your mortgage, if you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic, you have rights and could be protected.  The federal government has put some safeguards in place to make sure you can follow the shelter in place orders, quarantines, and handle closures without losing your home.  The insecurity that comes with your inability to pay isn’t something you need to worry about, but that doesn’t stop lenders from sending out letters to threaten you and try and prey on your emotions.


Find the Assistance You Need

Whether you qualify for federal protection against Covid-19 Foreclosure or your situation falls under state protections, you need to know your rights and understand the actions you can take.  If you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus, you might not have to face any negative action by your lender until the end of 2020 or later.  Contact the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C., and let them get to work for you.  This legal team can help you understand what your rights are and file letters and documents with your lender to have threats of collection halted.


You Might Qualify for Relief

While you’re not going to receive extra money unless the federal government enacts a second wave of payments, you could have up to a year to begin paying on your mortgage if you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus.  Many borrowers qualify for 180 days of forbearance and can request an additional 180 days if needed.  You could qualify for these delays and have more time to begin paying on your mortgage.  This might offer you the time you need to get back on your feet if you’ve lost your job or have had a reduction in your income during this pandemic.


Don’t Let Your Emotions Get the Best of You

Even though the federal government has put some changes in place and your state and local officials may also have some ways for you to avoid Coronavirus Foreclosure, doesn’t stop your lender from sending your threatening letters or making calls.  If you receive calls and letters from collection agents stating you’re going to lose your home, you need to contact the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. to get the relief you need.  This legal team can help you avoid the foreclosure you fear.


Relief is Only a Phone Call Away

One call to the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law, and you’ll have the support you need.  This legal team can help you understand your rights and the process to ensure you can stay in your home.  The coronavirus should not cause you to face foreclosure and lose your home.  Let this team help you stay in your home, find a way to pay your lender, and avoid the calls and letters that you fear.  With this team in your corner, you can feel at ease and know you’re not going to lose your home.


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