Sorry to Break it to you but, Your Bedding may be Responsible for Your Dandruff!

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Frizzy hair when you wake up?

Recurring dandruff?



We understand that it seems like a conspiracy theory. However, there is a huge possibility that your bedding may be responsible for your hair problems. The composition of your pillow and bedsheetplays an important role here. While your chosen velvet King size bedsheet brings out the color of your walls, the material may not be suitable for your hair. Cotton bedding has its advantages, but it has one pitfall. If you are prone to tossing and turning in your sleep, velvet and cotton pillowcases cause you to have more hair fall. Recurring dandruff may be due to the dust particles, germs, grime, and sweat accumulated on your pillow covers.


Cotton Bedsheets: The Enemy of your hair  


We cannot stop raving about the benefits of using cotton bedding. A cotton double bedsheet is breathable, soft, and safe to use, being free from harmful parabens and sulfates present in industrial dyes. However, cotton pillowcases could be responsible for your never-ending hair woes.


       Rough Cotton Fibres

Natural cotton fibers are quite rough, making cotton pillows breathable, but prone to causing hair fall. A good quality cotton double bedsheet or pillow also has a tight weave. It prevents your hair from moving around. If you do not move your head much, it will not harm your hair. However, if you toss and turn too much, the rough cotton fibers mess up your hair. The hair rubs against the rough cotton fibers. It forms more knots and ends up looking like a tangled mess. Brushing such knotted hair will cause more breakage than usual. You can invest in a satin pillowcase and illavam Panju pillows, for the goodness of eco-friendly cotton pods filling and satin feel.


       Not Washed Frequently

It is a no-brainer that you have to wash your King size bed sheet frequently in summers to avoid dust mites and bad smells. Please do not forget your pillowcase. If your head sweats, your pillowcase will have a lot of accumulated sweat and grime. Such dirty pillow cases could mess up the PH balance of your scalp and cause dandruff. While there is no scientific proof that recurring dandruff is caused due to dirty pillowcases, you would want to sleep in a clean and fresh pillowcase.


       Made with Industrial Dyes

The biggest reason for your never-ending hair woes like frizzy hair, hair fall, and recurring dandruff could be ordinary cotton double bedsheets or pillow cases. Industrial dyes contain tons of harmful chemicals and synthetic additives, making them extremely harmful for your skin and scalp. A sensitive scalp would react to such dyes and may cause allergies. The friction between such cotton pillowcases and your hair may release more heat and toxic fumes, resulting in dandruff and skin allergies.


       Sleeping postures

Let us not put all the blame on bedding choices. It is not necessarily the bedding at fault always. Our tresses rub with the fabric, causing tears and frizz to the hair follicles. It is not possible to outright change your sleeping posture overnight. So, you must invest in a natural silk cotton pillow, or Illavam Panju pillow. They are sustainable and eco-friendly.


       Germ nests

You have to wash your pillowcases, cotton double bedsheets, and bath towels frequently. If you live in a country with low temperatures and less humidity, you need to wash it every fortnight. If you live in a warm place with more humidity, where you are prone to sweating, please wash your bedding at least once a week. It will prevent the accumulation of sweat and grime, making it germ-free. You may choose the eco-friendly, Neembus pillow from Amouve Organic Bedding and Bath Products. It is quilted, causing less friction when your hair rubs up against it. It is also anti-microbial. The neem infusion makes it a perfect choice to keep away dust mites, germs, viruses, and other harmful microbes.


       Frequent Food Spills

If you have a tendency to eat on your bed, make sure that you collect all the crumbs. Apparently, one million dust mites could feast on your skin as soon as you jump on your bed. However, there are some types of bed sheetsthat attract more germs and dust mites. Leaving food residue will only make your bed sheet sticky and prone to getting attacked by microbes.  Ordinary bed sheets made with a thin weave, or bad quality cotton would be an ideal bedding ground for germs.


Signing Off: Tips to tackle hair woes


While there is no full-proof way to stop dandruff from coming back, you can try washing your pillowcases and bedding frequently. Illavam Panju pillows are made from a natural cotton fiber, grown in the plains of rural southern India. They are made organically, without any artificial additives like pesticides, formaldehyde, and flame retardants. It prevents moisture from settling in, making it the perfect choice for those suffering from a sweaty scalp. Satin pillowcases are always an ideal choice. However, it is better for the planet to choose organic Kapok pillows or neembus pillows. Do not use bleach while washing your bedding. Expose your King size bed sheetto the sun every now and then.


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