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For an art lover, nothing speaks more to his soul than to be surrounded by the most creative and breathtaking masterpieces. For an art lover and a traveler, visiting a museum or a gallery is the best way to hit two birds with one stone – appreciate the best art the place has to offer and learn more about that place’s culture and history. If you are that kind of person, here are 7 of the top destinations to satisfy your artistic craving and wanderlust.
Florence, Italy
 1 Chris Yunker
Source: Chris Yunker
Art is everywhere in the city of Florence, which is considered as one of the best cities in world for art lovers. From the city, public piazzas to the galleries, you won’t be disappointed. Visit Galleria dell’Accademia to get a glimpse of David by Michaelangelo, the main draw at this gallery. You also get the chance to see the other sculptures of Michaelangelo and a collection of Renaissance paintings. Spend time at Uffizi Gallery to get a glimpse of the world’s greatest collection of Italian Renaissance art and Loggia deiLanzi to behold an open-air museum that showcases antique and Renaissance cultures. Stroll through the city itself to admire incredible architecture found in numerous buildings and churches. Don’t forget to keep your camera ready as these structures take on a magnificent glow when day breaks and when the sun sets.

Paris, France
 2 MoyanBrenn
Source: MoyanBrenn
Where does one even begin to explore the art that the city of Paris has to offer? You can start by being more familiar with the fascinating history of Paris by visiting the MuseeCarnavalet. Then you can hop on off to several museums in the neighborhood. Take your pick from Musee Picasso, which has works by Pablo Picasso, and MaisonEuropeenee de la Photographie, which has works of contemporary photographic art. You should not miss out on the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay especially if it’s your first time in Paris. The Lourve is one of the largest and most visited museums in the world. A tour in this museum can take days since it has over 35,000 pieces of art including famed pieces like the Mona Lisa, Liberty Leading the People, and The Lacemaker. Musee d’Orsay, on the other hand, features the works of Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and more; plus, France’s national collection of art from the impressionist, postimpressionist and art nouveau periods.

London, England
 3 Pedro Szekely
Home to many incredible art museums and galleries that are free admission, it would take more than a page or two to enumerate all that the city of London has to offer. The National Gallery should be a part of that list as it is located strategically in Trafalgar Square. You can stop briefly while sightseeing and enjoy over 2,300 works of art. Hop on off to the Victoria and Albert Museum and beamazed with seven floors filled with works that range from sculptures, ceramics and glasswork to jewelry, furniture and fashion. Make it a point to visit both Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Tate Britain boasts of the largest collection of British art in the world; while Tate Modern offers worldwide modern and contemporary art. Don’t forget to stop by the National Portrait Gallery and get the opportunity to come face-to-face with royalty, politicians, musicians and actors that have shaped Britain. If you want more modern and funky interpretations, explore the area for up and coming artists in galleries in Soho.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
 4 MoyanBrenn
Source: MoyanBrenn
When one thinks of art and Amsterdam, there is one place that immediately comes to mind: Rijksmuseum. This is a Dutch national museum that displays 8,000 items from a collection of over one million pieces. Some of the highlights are works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. Then march over to a nearby Van Gogh Museum if you want to see more of his work, specifically hundreds of paintings, sketches and letters. You can make yourself more familiar with the art scene in Amsterdam by visiting Museums of the Canals (a series of small museums housed in canal mansions), MuseumVan Loon (a look at how a rich and powerful 17th-century family lived), and Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (a collection of impressive photography exhibits). To make museum hopping easier for you, purchase anAmsterdam City Card to get free access to numerous museums and attractions.

Berlin, Germany
 5 Zoetnet
Source: Zoetnet
Known for its vibrant art gallery scene, Berlin is the best place for art lovers with a modern taste. Book flights to Berlin along with your artist-friends and start off by visiting Hamburger Bahnhof which used to be a former train station and features the large collection of Berlin entrepreneur Dr. Erich Marx. Take Galerie Open as your next stop and marvel over the works of young, unknown contemporary artists who could most probably be the next big names. If photography is your passion, hop on over to C/O Berlin and see the works of both relatively unknown and world-renowned photographers. Stop at me Collectors Room as this gallery showcases works from a variety of mediums and periods that are the personal collection of Thomas Olbricht, one of Europe’s most esteemed collectors. For some local flavor and history, visit BerlinischeGalerie and see the new exhibitions and permanent collection of works by Berlin artist from 1870 to today.

Rome, Italy
 6 MoyanBrenn
Source: MoyanBrenn
Art is Rome, and Rome is art. Make it a trip to remember by exploring the Vatican Museums which is one of the largest museums on the world with 54 galleries. This museum is famous for the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the gallery of maps, the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, the gallery of statues, the Papal Throne and the Saint Peter’s Basilica. You can stop by the Borghese Gallery next but make sure to make an advanced booking since visitors are limited to two-hour intervals. Stroll through the city streets as you admire obelisks, fountains and statues. The most iconic fountain in the city is the Trevi Fountain; but don’t forget to stop by the three fountains of Piazza Navona and the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola. Despite the storied history, Rome has also gained appreciation for modern art. Visit MAXXI to see a museum devoted entirely to the art of today, and a structure that it as modern and impressive as its contents.

St. Petersburg, Russia
 7 Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose
A must on every art lover’s bucket list, St. Petersburg is home to incredible art – be it celebrated or newly discovered. The State Hermitage Museum is a must visit as it is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. Here you can fine the stunning Winter Palace and five additional historic buildings along the Palace Embankment. With over three million items at its disposal, only a fraction of these are permanently on display in 360 rooms If you want a different kind of art adventure, visit the Faberge Museum which houses over 4000 works like paintings, porcelain, gold and silver; but what makes it different are the fifteen Faberge eggs – with nine of these as Imperial Easter eggs made for the last two Romanov tsars. Don’t forget to stop by the many incredible palaces and cathedrals around the city to discover both the new and the old.
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