10 Questions Every Traveller Hates

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It's fun to travel, but frustrating to answer the endless and often similar questions, asked by curious natives, co-travellers and onlookers.

Here are some common questions frequent travellers face during their sojourns.

How many countries have you been to?

This question is great when asked by an acquaintance or a local as it gives you an opportunity to show-off your travel experience. However, trouble begins when this question is asked by competitive travellers who always want to be one up.

Which country is next on your list?

A most common response would be, "Can we please enjoy our stay here without thinking about where we're going to travel next." Such questions are simply annoying and silly when a traveller is looking to enjoy his or her current travel.

Don't you want to save some money for the future?

Most people simply fail to understand that individuals have the liberty to decide how they should spend their money. With the availability of cheap flights to New York and other popular places, and abundant stay options, travel is much easier on anyone's finances.

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Which is your favorite?

Well, it's hard to answer this question because there's something nice and charming about every place, and that's the reason why someone even visits it in the first place!

Aren't you bored of travelling?

People travel for fun and excitement, so where's boredom here?

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How are you such a travel bug?

Isn't the answer simple - they love to travel. It has nothing to do with genes or finances, just a passion to explore new places. They love the food, culture and even hopping on to flights to Paris and other exotic locations.

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How do you envision your future?

Travellers live by the minute, especially when they are yearning to see new places. In this context, this is a meaningless question.

Don't you miss your family?

This question is sure to bring all the insecurities and guilt of travellers as they surely miss birthday parties and reunions. Though the availability of cheap flights to London and other popular cities make it convenient for people to get back when they have to, they still miss their family and friends. But, they make this choice simply because travelling is a way of life for them.

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When are you going to get a real job?

Cleaning utensils, teaching languages or just about anything else is a real job too. As long as people are able to make money to cover their living costs, why bother.

What about marriage and kids?

Well, nothing can alter an individual's nature. So, if someone loves to travel, then they have to find a spouse and kids who'll travel with them!

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Have you encountered any of these annoying questions? How do you respond to them? Do let us know by commenting below.
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