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Are you planning a week away at half-term with the kids, or a six-month foray into the wilderness with your other half? Maybe you are thinking about a combined trip with family or friends. Instead of going down the usual route of finding a reasonably priced hotel in a decent location or dusting down the moth-eaten tent, perhaps this year could be a motorhome holiday with motorhome rental in South Wales.

Motorhome holidays are very affordable and are becoming more popular as people start to appreciate the many advantages to be enjoyed. Here are five of the best things about hiring a motorhome:

  1. Less time working on your holiday, more time enjoying it!
Holidays are a rare luxury. Why wait months to embark on one and then waste half of it queuing at airports, filling in hotel reservation forms and trying to decipher train timetables. With a motorhome holiday, your holiday begins as soon as you buckle up and start that engine. Even the time spent in traffic won't be wasted, as most modern motorhomes have plenty of entertainment on board, from TV's and DVD's to board games and books.

  1. Write your own adventure
Do you really need an itinerary that's written for you? What happens if you're booked for a coastal excursion and it's raining, while the city museum tour is scheduled for the day the heatwave strikes? With a motorhome holiday you can beat your own trail. Start off by relaxing in the Yorkshire Dales in the morning and travel down to Snowdonia in time for an evening hike. The next day could be relaxing in Devon and Cornwall or trekking in the New Forest or exploring the South Downs. Holidays don't last forever, so take in as much (or little) as you want with a motorhome holiday.

  1. The only rules are your rules
Holidays are all about escaping the obligations of normal life, but from luggage allowances to check-in restrictions and 'no pet' clauses, it can sometimes seem more restricting to go on holiday than stay at home. With a motorhome holiday you can usually bring your beloved cat or dog and you can definitely eat breakfast at 3am or 5pm, stay out as late as you like or spend a rainy day snuggled under a duvet watching DVD's.

  1. Select your own living space
With a motorhome holiday you will never be disappointed by the size of your room. Simply select at least one berth higher than the number of people travelling and you will be assured of enough room for everyone. You can also bring as much luggage as you like, although some motorhomes are stuffed so full of useful items and appliances that you might not need as much as you think.

  1. A new vehicle every time
Motorhome holiday companies egularly update their vehicles to compete with rivals and remain compliant with regulations. They will also operate a regular maintenance policy, so you can be confident that your motorhome will be in tip-top condition ready for the off.
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