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 Blinds are becoming a very popular alternative to curtains in both old and new homes, and there are many reasons why, as pointed out below. But as with everything in life, there are big variations in quality between brands, and homeowners should be wary of taking the budget option. 

 Many people are initially attracted to blinds because they appreciate the modern, minimalist aesthetic. In fact, with neat, straight lines and unfussy design, blinds are almost the embodiment of 21stCentury interior decor. It should also come as no surprise that manufacturers are now producing blinds in any colour you can envision to match the colour scheme in your room. Variations in size, shape and finish give homeowners the flexibility to integrate their blinds with the overall theme of the room or house, with the premium quality brands always outscoring their cheaper rivals in their overall appearance.

Blinds are also inherently practical, allowing fine control over light levels and a privacy that is total yet relaxed in an instant with the pull of a cord. Even the little pleasures like watching the wildlife in the garden without frightening it away is made that bit easier with blinds. Again, the premium quality blinds will generally outperform and outlast the cheaper brands which will probably have inferior operating mechanisms and cords, etc.

Cleaning blinds with a once-weekly in situ dust as opposed to the three-weekly ritual of taking curtains down to wash is also a big bonus. It is here where the difference in quality between cheap and premium brands becomes apparent, as the lower quality blinds will start to lose their finish almost instantly, their colour fading. Some cheap blinds will also start to fade in the sunlight. Allergy-sufferers might also find they benefit from a change from curtains to blinds, as the latter doesn't hold dust particles and animal dander so readily.

One compelling reason that some homeowners, particularly those in old homes, cite for choosing blinds is the stress curtains place on walls. Heavy pelmets and curtain poles weaken the lintels over time, causing structural damage. Blinds are not only lighter than most curtains, they can also usually be fitted within the window, enabling you to improve the appearance of your whole window area.

Finally, even premium quality blinds can be surprisingly affordable, and installing them is likely to increase the value of your home.

If you've been convinced that premium quality blinds are right for your home, your next step is to contact an expert in blinds and let them take you through the different brands and types of blind available (roller, panel, venetian, etc.)

"This article was written by Christopher Hales, an internet marketer and UK business professional. Christopher writes on a number of topics and is available for continued work to assist businesses across the UK."
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