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Cleaning up the mess Charlatan SEO Experts leave behind

Why I suggest Local SEO service is the fastest most effective way to reach your potential customers or clients. I am a voracious reader, I examine the internet with all its articles, opinions and videos then go offline to non-digital newspapers and periodicals devouring all the latest information and updates regarding Local SEO Services. Let’s face it everyone has something to verbalize and if they feel it is valuable or possibly for some not so valuable they will find a way to post it and hopefully monetize it. My mother use to say, “You are better off keeping your mouth closed and looking stupid then speaking out and proving it”. The articles with all their digital solutions, high-tech tools and near incantation style promises providing impossible successes flood every available tabloid be it digital and non-digital.

I have been active in the digital marketing world since 1994, a lot has changed over the last 20 years BUT the core is still the same today when you look into digital marketing. Find the location where your potential clients or customers hang out, develop a product or service they crave or want, place a price on it and sell, sell, sell. The difference is the tool set now available to drive people to that sale location that has changed the game. Enter Local SEO.

Some identify SEO as a standard format one follows (a pre-designed roadmap) when designing a website or webpage. Wikipedia defines it as: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results. I agree with Wiki on this one, “Affecting the Visibility” that is what a proficient marketer should be looking to do. Local SEO is exactly that, moving the visibility to a place that best promotes your product or service. It seems fairly simple all we have to do is remember the first rule of basic math and we are on our way, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”. A) Customer wants to buy a widget, B) We sell them a widget. Correct, easy peezie.

Why is something so basic quickly convoluted by so many marketers, these brilliant marketers want to spread their wings and design or develop something new and exciting. Then they support this new feat of magic promoting it for only a few dollars more suggesting they will reposition your website or webpage to higher heights, huge visibility and expect traffic galore AND it will only take 4 to 6 months to prove it to you. Please sign here and include your first months check!!!

Thirty percent of the new power marketer’s job is cleaning up the mess these charlatans marketers leave behind. Regaining the trust of a client is not easy the new power marketers have to do it the correct way buy showing results in 72 hours or less. Impossible you say? I know for sure your current SEO expert say, “No one can do that”. More important they (your current expert) expect you to believe them because they have told you numerous times they are an expert AND if they do not know how to get you to page one of Google or other search engines in 72 hours then whatever the other marketer is saying is a lie, a story, just someone who wants your money.

Amazingly when the new power marketers who have superior Local SEO skills prove it to you, that incredible proof that your being promoted on the first page of Google 72 hours later, again your SEO expert will respond with, “Yes, well I see they were able to get your information to the First Page of Google, Bing, Yahoo but it will not last, it is only good for a day or a week”. WRONG! It is time the truth be told. If your marketing expert cannot do it then it is time to consider using the services or a power marketer who can, will and does get you on PAGE ONE of Google in just a few days and yes, you will stay there and see the difference in a month not 6 months.

In today’s SEO marketplace there are experts and professionals who can get you to the first page of Google and other search engines in literally days. They are available and as Local SEO and general SEO moves forward these Experts with be leading the way in Local and Worldwide SEO. Today is an opportunity to get on board with these experts, companies like Walmart, Dell Computers and the other giants have been using these professionals for the last few years and smaller companies could not because the cost has been prohibitive.

Today that has changed, you can find these professionals by going to the internet and typing into the search bar. “How do I get my business to the first page of Google”? Companies like one of the leaders in Local SEO will show up there. Experts like Gary Monroe at MERG or Bill Greenberg at are some of the leaders that I have had an opportunity to speak with and see the results for myself. Real results, affordable, viewable in days not months and powerful because they know how to position you on the First Page of Google and additional search engines.

Moving forward into the second half of 2015 is the opportunity for companies of any size to refocus their marketing goals and seek out affordable campaigns with more immediate results. Changing your expectations and thinking about short term results as a priority used to be the first important step for any company. Up until now the phrase, “Digital Marketing Expert” was someone who would tell you we need to look at your medium and long term goals (and quickly pass over your short term goals) because in the digital world everything takes months or years to prove. These kind of small minded marketing techniques are no longer acceptable. It is a fact designing short and long term marketing plans are still the appropriate goal for any company. Just today your immediate short term can be profitable too and you can use that more immediate financial success to properly support the long term outcomes.

April 18, 2015 Edition – What is Local SEO
Justine Tarber, Senior Journalist

By: Alexander M. Trainer, Author,
“Think inside the Box and $ucceed” Participating in the digital revolution

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