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Granite, quartz and other types of natural stone are some of the most prized materials for the construction of kitchen and bathroom worktops, and for good reason. Not only is natural stone, particularly granite and quartz, extremely durable, heat and stain resistant and second only to stainless steel in terms of hygeine, it also has a natural beauty that other materials, including modern man-made 'solid surface' products are unable to match.

There are many suppliers of natural stone products in the Essex area, including Russell Stone Fixing Ltd who supply granite worktops in Essex, and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. However,  a common-sense approach and careful research will lead the discerning natural stone customer in the right direction. The first experience you will normally have with a prospective natural stone supplier is their website.

Standard and Variety
Any natural stone supplier worth their salt will have an extensive range of quality pieces of granite or quartz available to choose from. Ideally, you should be able to get at least an idea of their range from examples on their website. Look for a selection of different colours and patterns, as granite can come in every shade from white to black, and with various hints of blue, gold, red, green and more. Pattern varies widely too, from fine, almost even grains to large, prominent flecks or swirls. To make it easier for you to narrow down your choice, some natural stone suppliers will incorporate filters on their website to enable you to hone in on a specific colour or brand.

Note: The richness of colour in a quartz (often referred to as 'engineered stone') surface will be deeper than with granite, but some people prefer granite's untamed beauty.

Craftsmanship is still alive in Essex, if you know where to look. The first clues to a quality stone worktop supplier and installer is in their online portfolio. Case studies should at least give a preliminary indication about the standard of installation and finish; just be careful that the photographs displayed are real examples and not 'stock shots'.

How long a business has been in operation is also an indication of their quality. In a competitive market, a stone supplier who has been around for ten years or more is obviously keeping their customers happy; testimonials are another source of information, providing they are genuine.

Customer Service and Pricing
A professional stone supplier who expects to be taken seriously should have more than just a mobile number on their website contact page. Mobile numbers can be easily changed and you should be wary about any company not willing to publish a business landline number. Some natural stone suppliers in Essex will provide details of their premises, giving you the opportunity to visit in person should you wish.

While choosing and installing a natural stone worktop is a process that requires careful thought, the bulk of the time should be in the decision process not the turnaround time. A very long turnaround time might indicate a lengthy supply chain which could mean you are paying over the odds in commisions and risking delays if one part of the chain breaks. A turnaround time of within five days is reasonable to expect for most installations.

Once you've satisfied yourself that a stone supplier in Essex is worthy of your consideration, the next step is simply to make contact with them.

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