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Daftar Isi (toc) ( has over 38years of experience working with businesses from family run sole proprietorship to corporations employing 500 plus people. The President and CEO Dave Turkin and his team have developed numerous business plans and marketing plans, designed internal programs for accounting, cash flow, job costing, and projections. We have analyzed businesses prepared strategic plans and set budgets for growth, expansion and corporate restructuring. Our management team works with each client to analyze their financial needs with a plan to take their company to the next level of business. Our past clients tell our story, we have the tools to work with you and find those stopping blocks that keep you from expanding your sales reach, increasing your manufacturing production or building your management team. We have the knowhow and we understand how to share this information with you in a positive and productive fashion accelerating your financial returns and building in a sustainable growth component to enhance your future business opportunities.

Dave along with members of his management team have sat on the Board of Directors of corporations and currently sits as an active Corporate Advisory to many more. “Many of the company’s we have assisted ask us to maintain a presence in their business to help keep a business eye on their expansion”, shared Dave. We are determined and dedicated to offer our knowledge and expertise helping small businesses reach their full potential, in today’s business climate building something without a clear view for the future is the mistake often suggested by our competition. Todays’ business requires a sustainable growth component built into their model. A company has to be prepared to adapt to any business climate in a short amount of time and to do this they have to always be forward thinking in their market place. This is done by understanding their competition, use the tools available today to carefully watch and follow what moves they make in their digital strategies and always working to stay one step ahead. We have the experience and know how to bring those answers to our clients. Accessible Business is your key to future success and we can make that happen for you today. We offer numerous ways to work with you hands on, for some clients we have served in the capacity of a Chief Financial Officer and Controller.

Dave’s clients are his best sales team. Here are just a few testimonials that tell Dave’s story:

“I contracted with Accessible Business a little over a year ago to help my company increase sales. We have been in business for 26 years and have reached a plateau in the past five years. We entered into an agreement whereby Accessible Business would review all aspects of the business from sales, to customer service to employee benefits and incentives to bottom line profits. I am happy to report that during the contracted period of one year, sales were increased by 18.2%, profits increased and employees seem to be more enthusiastic about their incentives.” – Don H.

Dave and Accessible Business can help your company find its way through a sometimes tough business environment. It is about working with a team that is not just doing a job but working with a team that understands your business and cares about its success just like you. That is how Dave and his team at accessible Business operate.

“Our company needed help. We had one huge customer that went out of business and it almost took us with them. I was very hesitant to engage with a company I found online, but now I’m glad I did engage. Dave at Accessible Business has put our company on recovery to financial stability. Our business is growing faster than ever again, and I am pleased to say we are still currently working with Dave and we look forward to working with Accessible Business in the future.” – Cliff H. 

Accessible Business’s team has the ability to analyze a business quickly and get a strong indication as to the necessary steps to help improve operations, productivity and profitability. Dave Turkin president of Accessible Business always makes the bottom line of his company clear, “Our expertise and knowledge will help you take your company to the next level and become a business to be reckoned with”.

Call Dave and his team of experts today. Find out what it is like to deal with the professionals professional. We make business happen. Call now 800 264-8362 or email us at info@accessiblebusiness.comand you can always check out our website

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