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One of the biggest fears of business-owners at an exhibition event is of being overshadowed by their competitors or even an unrelated business stealing all the limelight . While potential customers flock around other stands, you're left watching the clock and regretting the wasted time.

This is where exhibition staff, particularly if sourced from an agency with a dedicated exhibition staff division, can make all the difference and turn your event into a resounding success.

An extra pair of hands
For a start, hired exhibition staff are an extra pair of hands to meet and greet potential customers while your attention is diverted by talking to other visitors. Instead of losing visitors, and possibly money, to rival stands, attractive, outgoing meet and greet staff can engage them before they walk by and answer any questions they might have. If they see you become free, they can seamlessly pass the visitors over to you and continue their vigilance.

Leaflet and merchandise distribution
People are far more likely to take your company information home with you if it is placed into their hand in the form of a flyer or leaflet. At the same time, an attractive, enthusiastic distributor will leave a positive and memorable imression about your company. Some exhibition venues even permit leaflet distributors to walk around the entire venue, increasing your presence beyond your stand.

Hospitality provision
Visitors to an exhibition stand love nothing more than to sample a free product or enjoy a presentation while sipping a complimentary drink. Exhibition staff are ideal for fulfilling this role and making visitors to your stand feel welcome. Few business-owners, unless they are in the hospitality industry, are comfortable with their ability to serve drinks or vol au vents, but exhibition staff are usually well-trained in this set of skills.

Data Collection
Evaluating how successful your presence at an exhibition has been can be difficult, and the better exhibition events can command a hefty sum. Another benefit of exhibition staff is data collecion, particularly if personnel come equipped with information technology (e.g. iPads, laptops, etc.) for storing statistics, scanning badges and business cards and making presentations. Even without a computer, exhibition staff can record the number of visitors and inform your decision about whether it's worth attending the next exhibition.

Making the right choice
Of course, only well-trained, professional exhibition staff will bring these benefits to your company.  Many agencies will supply exhibition staff if you ask them but the personnel they provide may not have ever attended an exhibition. Exhibition staff have to be outgoing, confident, well-groomed and attractive, as well as being reliable and trustworthy. Some agencies understand the difference between exhibition staff and similar roles, and may have a dedicated exhibition staff division.

"This article was written by Christopher Hales, an internet marketer and UK business professional. Christopher writes on a number of topics and is available for continued work to assist businesses across the UK."
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