Formulas from the Beard Farmer Grow Bigger and Better Beards

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Men having difficulties growing a beard or with patchy areas in their beard find help with the original Beard Farmer product line.

Pinckney, MI(May 18, 2016) – Sprouting a bumper crop of lush beard from chin to ear isn’t as easy as putting away the razor for some, as some men experience slow or uneven beard growth patterns. Enter the Beard Farmer’s product line to achieve a faster-growing and a more even beard. The company’s flagship product is Growther Beard Oil and the company website claims improved growth up to 600%.

The use of essential oils to stimulate hair growth is not new, but formulations specific to the beard area are less common. More to the point, the Beard Farmer company has done the research and testing necessary to achieve some notable success, with several thousandstellar buyer reviews.

According to the company, finding a formulation that could generate results in the beard growing department wasn’t quick or easy.

“Getting this to work took a lot of effort and mounds of research. We tested hundreds of formulations and we managed to get it right,” said company founder Eric Anderson. “We naturally tested and measured with a lot of guys and most folks saw worthy results. The most astonishing result we got was six times faster growth with our oils.”

While online reviews should be viewed with caution, the companygets real-world photo submissions from buyers as well. One Amazon reviewer is a barber shop owner reporting good results and supplied photo evidence: “I run the barber shop on main st in Mountain view, Ca ... This is one of the greatest tools if you have a patchy beard. Took a few weeks to start see a difference in my hair but it definitely worked.”

A quick survey of the online controversy about whether such products work seems tilted in favor of positive outcomes. “We’ve seen this work really well for more than ninety percent of users. It’s obviously going to be better for some and less so for others, but the science is there for these ingredients and the results have been good,” Todd Jacobs noted.

Beard Farmer sells the Beard Oil on Amazon and eBay as well as the site, along with complementary products and bundles that include the Growther Beard Oil. Other products include balms and conditioners for keeping a beard in good shape, shampoo, softeners and even vitamins formulated to support healthy hair.

According to the company, the blend of oils in the Growther formulation consists of 3 “carrier” (inactive) oils as well as19 oil based active ingredients.The formulation includesYlangYlang, shown to slow the graying of hair, and oil from a plant called “Geranium”, shown to speed hair growth. Several other ingredients have also passed scientific muster, including Jojoba (high in linoleic acid), oil from an Asian cypress, oils that suppress a hair growth inhibitor called TRPV1, and oils from Rosemary (which are used extensively as herbal remedies).

More information, reviews, FAQs and an online shop are available at http://www.beardfarmers.comThe product line is also available on Amazon at eBay at

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