How Much Time People Spends in Playing Online Games

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As I write, this very moment, almost half a billion of world’s population is engaged in playing online games. In the US alone, 183 million people spend at least an hour daily playing online and social games.
According to a recent study, an average young person spends 10,000 hours of his life on gaming by the time he reaches the age of 21. This is even less than the time spent in school classrooms. The amount of time that we spend on gaming is mind-boggling. Can you believe that majority of gamers spend more time in gaming than they do at work! Addicted gamers play for least 40 hours a week, which is equal to the requirements of a full time job.
Out of the accumulated time of all the users, which they spend on gaming, more than half of it is spent on social money games. Professional gamers are always found at online social games.
The changing direction of the online mobile industry has also affected the personal and social life of many people. These companies are coming up with new ways of attracting gamers. First it was games like farmville, online poker, and other social and time management games. Now games like league of wars and social money games have taken the market. These games were addictive already, and now the chance to earn through them has further intensified the interest of players.

Players take these games and their characters as seriously as a matter of life and death. Playing games has become a common routine of many people. If I talk about myself, these days I have become really addicted to the social money game of Mowjow. This game offers so many ways to earn money while playing. So far, I have made adequate amount of money through social influence and referrals.
The thing that I like about this game is that it is not only for professional gamers. Anyone can join in and earn even at the beginner’s level. You don’t have to be an expert for earning money through it. Although, skills and experience do increase your social influence and money that you make out of it; however, it is not the only way of go about it.
If you have even a slight interest in online games, then I would advise you to try this one out. You will not only enjoy it, but will be amazed to see the amount of money that you make even in the initial phases.

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