How to Avoid Hell

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People usually say "God's Love is Unconditional."
What a partial truth indeed!
Do not be misled by that saying!  They are telling you partial
truth to make you feel good.  God's love is both unconditional
and conditional.

If one does not have both types of love from God, one will not enter
heaven.  You want to make it to heaven, right?  Now, here is your
opportunity to get hold of “How to avoid hell”. The human body dies,
but our spirits never die.  Human spirit either will end up in heaven or
hell after death.  God forbids yours goes to hell.  So, today, secure your
eternal life by knowing you are on the right track with God.  Download this
“How to Avoid Hell” today which will lead you to eternal life with God, so
you will not end up in hell with Satan, the devil. 

Besides what the Bible says about heaven and hell, have you heard about
people who died and came back to life and gave their vivid descriptions of
heaven and hell?  Folks, heaven and hell are real.  This life is the testing ground.
It is either one passes God's exam, or one fails it.  Those who pass the exam
will go to heaven.  Those who fail it will go to hell forever.
Now, get hold of this quick-to-read pamphlet today.  
You have everything to gain!  Get it at You will be glad you did!
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