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Recently we did an article on Gary Monroe one time music heavy weight who has been out of the music industry for many years. One of my associates did some homework and did find additional information about American Music and Entertainment a music management and Production Company started by Monroe and later part of the 1970’s.

AME produced and co-produced numerous concerts starting in 1979 and co-produced its first major concert in 1981 with the “Who” headliners at the new Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. In the early 1980’s AME was one of leading music industry firms that supported Dick Clark in his attempt to get major visibility for the American Music Awards, the AMA’s. Clark started the AMA to compete with the Grammy’s but they never met that level of popularity. Monroe and AME supported the awards and the award show then quickly became a strong supporter having members of the bands they had on their roster perform at events around the country highlighting Clarks Award Show idea. AME had a very powerful roster and gave Clark a big push. Monroe’s connection with Bee Gees brothers and getting them to support Clark at a time they were very popular 1981 and the release of their, “Living Eyes” album was just the ticket Clark needed to highlight his brain child.  The assistance of companies like AME gave the AMA’s the opportunity if needed and In 1991 the awards had moved to the next level were a major movie star came forward to be the MC of the now popular yearly Award Show.

AME produced and promoted concerts all across the US and Europe. In the early 80’s Monroe created a division of his company that focused on international concert development. When the company sold in the 90’s to Universal Music that division was the sweet spot and gave AME the financial standing it needed to increase its value tenfold.

Monroe added a partner to his company in 1984/85, Music Producer and Business Entrepreneur Michael Swan. Swan was working with Don Henley and the Eagles at the time and it was rumored he was going to bring the Eagles to the AME management roster but that never came to fruition. Monroe met Swan in 1983 when Monroe was working with the Eurythmics and their “Touch” (Here comes the rain again) album and tour. Monroe hooked Swan up with his buddy Chris Hughes that same year who was producing the Tears For Fears Album, “The Hurting”. That friendship brought them together in 1984 as partners in AME.

1988 Monroe and Swan decided to go their separate ways, swan went back into the stock market during a time when money was plentiful and in the very amicable split Monroe again took hundred percent control of the company until it was sold in early 1990’s.

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