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There is no luxury that is better and greater than time. That is why appreciates the convenience of having an immense shopping spree in a US based market just right there at your sofa. However, living in an era where modern technology reigns, still wants to encourage the excitement and nostalgia of living the past like receiving a ‘snail mail’. How can we do that?

That is when you will need the services of Our company provides services that makes use of and combines the practicality of the advanced technology with a sense of novelty of a real mail.

Shipnow.usoffers mail forwarding services and also forwarding of goods that are received in the US to an international destination. We guarantee the customers with an extortionate shipping fee or costs and their product will arrive in a ship-shape condition, with no cracks and no scratches. have already gained many years of experiences with customs and even shipping worldwide. It offers help in getting your product at its best price and in an immaculate condition, as quickly as possible.

Our company also handles returns and exchanges for the customers. We take sole responsibility for the return of damaged products or items. If the company has detected the damage before the product reaches you, we will work with that deal immediately. In accord with the businessmen’ policies, the company will advise you what to do and to wait for your confirmation to proceed. In case of exchanging the items, we will do the same thing. We will send again everything, including those for refunds. can be your best personal shopping Liaison for our company acts as the intermediary between you and the merchant of the product that you have doubts with. From here in the USA, our staff will contact the merchant directly and will get all the answers right back to you. This service is free of charges because the company believes that by doing this, we can provide you with the best experience like no other can. handles verification's, weighing and imaging of the customer’s purchases. All of the products in this company undergo a very strict verification process in order to make its services as quick and safe as possible. This process includes the recording of the item’s weight and documenting the image of the original package.

Our services also include repackaging of your packages according to your requirements or into a more compact package or in its original state, electronic items is an exception for that since it is designed to protect your products.

You can trust Shipnow.usin purchasing and in paying the items that you want to purchase from any US-based online stores. All you have to is to select the item, and the company will deal with the transaction. The company will purchase it through a US credit card and will close the transaction within 24 hours. The service cost will only be 10%, just a minimal surcharge.

Shipping is very flexible at Shipnow.usfor we offer services like grouping of shipments and ensures that your items reach your door on the specific date that you want.

Missing some mails? will take care of it.
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