The Right Business Loans Available When You Need Them By Dave Turkin

Daftar Isi (toc) ( has been assisting individuals and business to secure business loans and lines of credit in excess of 38 years. Dealing with your own bank or personal lending institution is helpful almost always when you don’t need the money. When business is a bit slow or you require additional inventory to increase sales that is when a bank looks at your financials and reminds your business is down or on a slow growth pattern and it looks like you may not be able to properly service and repay your loan which means, “At this particular time they are unable to assist you”.

Accessible Business is the resource you can always turn too. The can assist you in developing your loan package for your bank and more important they have a long list of financial resources that know how to say yes to a loan for $500K To $50 million. Dave Turkin the CEO of Accessible Business has spent years developing his company so he can best assist yours. Here are some of the testimonials from clients just like you who were looking to grow their business and either didn’t have a bank to go too OR their bank or financial institution turned them down.


“My bank refusing to give me a loan for my business has been a blessing in disguise. The bank I have been dealing with for years refused my proposal for 1.6 Million loan because I couldn’t prove a big enough income. Pretty sad if you ask me BUT it lead me to Dave who changed everything and managed to get me the money I needed quickly by helping me with the correct loan package that showed just how profitable my company will be in 5 years with this loan! I was so impressed with Dave and the quality of work he puts in. This 5 year plan was far more than I expected. I highly recommend Dave for your services too. – Greg A

This Testimonial is from a past client who got a business loan thru Dave a few years back and was so happy with Dave’s assistance he just wanted to let Dave know he is opening another store and it is because of Dave’s help and consideration years back his business is successful today

“It has been a while since we spoke but I wanted to update you on our business. Our candy store is booming and as you know this would have never been possible without you securing that loan. We made it and you are part of our success story. I just had to let you know we are going to open store 2 down by the beach. June and I are very excited and I think we will be able to do it this time without borrowing any money. Business is that good. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you almost 2 years later. I am more than happy to tell everyone how great you were. June and I appreciate you.” – Ken 

Lastly, the effort Dave and offers to all their clients, they almost always finish their business assistance with happy customers who end up being a friend. Dave is a quality person and a great business man.

 I have had the privilege of working with Dave for nearly a year now on various projects. You can’t have a better individual in your corner when it comes to finding the capital your company needs. Dave is a trust worthy, hardworking individual that will give you his all! He is very knowledgeable and can help you get to the next level! He will always be my go to guy when it comes to finding capital! – Jeff E.

When you are looking to grow your business for most any reason, purchase more inventory, move to a new location, upgrade your equipment, increase your inventory and even choosing to purchase another business then Dave and Accessible Business is the team you want in your corner. Professional, reliable and a team that cares about your business success.

Call them today and see how they can get you the financial assistance your business needs without all the headaches and red tape. 800 490-8362 or email at

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Phone :- 800 490-8362
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