Why Most Hair Transplant Clinics in Pakistan Prefer Strip Surgery

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Hair transplantation is the most suitable surgical treatment for the hair loss problems. There are two techniques that are widely used for this purpose. One is FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) and the other is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), these are unique techniques, and the procedure for hair transplantation is different from that of hair replacement, in which wigs  and hair systems were used by the people. Hair restoration procedure is actually a permanent solution to the hair loss as it does not require maintenance, like for hair replacement.

The procedure of the strip surgery is not much complicated as that for FUE. The  procedure starts by giving local anesthesia to numb the donor area and removing the tissue in the donor area at the side and back of the head. Later  the existing hair covers the stitches  area which has been removed through the strip, after dissecting the tissue the follicular units are prepared for placement. There are going to be tiny slits of the scalp for the follicular units to be placed and proper inspection will be followed for the placed grafts. That’s how the strip procedure gets completed. The type and quality of the donor hair are the most crucial part of this surgery, along with the fact that how the donor hair is harvested.  By properly closing the strip donor site, the scars gets minimal.

In Pakistan the clinics prefer strip surgery over the FUE, the reason for this is that it is not a time consuming procedure as the follicles in the donor area are removed through a strip, instead of dissecting them one by one as done during the FUE procedure. FUT or strip surgery is also economical and as Pakistan has more population living in the middle class and cannot spend a lot  on hair transplantation, prefer to go with strip surgery as it is affordable, so the target of these clinics are actually the majority of the population.

The preference of the FUT hair transplant in Pakistan is also due to the fact that, it allows a much larger graft extraction in a single surgical session. The best part of strip surgery is that the hair that are transplanted are of a good quality, as they are originating from the healthy area of the patient’s head. The bald people can now easily get their hair transplanted in an economical and less time consuming way and can move around with great zeal and confidence. The clinics in Pakistan allow their patients to meet them before getting their hair treated as they can gain more confidence over the clinic and understanding the fact that strip surgery is a much better option for them to go with their hair loss issues than the FUE, which is the latest technique but is more time-consuming and expensive.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert in stitches free and incision fue hair transplant in Pakistan. He does not convince his patients for strip hair restoration surgery. However fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan is a little high as compare to strip surgery but people prefer to opt for follicular unit extraction procedure.
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