Democratizing Entertainment with BUCKY House

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BUCKY House and BUCKY Coin (BUCKY) have ambitious plans to harness the blockchain potential within the entertainment and media industry. As the founders put it, their aim is to:

“Empower Digital Media Participants via Blockchain Technology”
How exactly do they plan to achieve their laudable aim, especially when the industries they are tackling are dominated by a handful of production moguls?

Read on for the complete BUCKY House  low-down including the platform overview, who it appeals to, and the disruptive power it has.

BUCKY House  and BUCKY Coin  (BUCKY)

BUCKY House  is launching their BUC token in support of their P2P integrated platform on the Ethereum network. Through their platform, BUCKY House  is using blockchain technology to provide complete freedom and transparency for content distribution, billing, and profit-sharing. This enables users to set extremely competitive fees for their content and in turn, allows content creators to proliferate within the BUCKY House  ecosystem.

They are providing the avenue for passionate indie and small-mid sized content developers seeking funding to utilize the capabilities of the BUCKY House  platform to share and disseminate their content directly with their followers while receiving the fees they have decided on in return.

The BUCKY House  and BUCKY Ecosystem

Built on the Ethereum network, the BUCKY House  open source ecosystem is a Democratic Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the BUCKY smart contract token used for transactions on their dCSDN (decentralized Content & Services Distribution Network) platform. Furthermore, their platform is tamper-resistant, highly scalable and readily available to users. BUC is in robust compliance with ERC20 and compatible with all standard crypto wallets.

The BUCKY House  Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the first of its kind to provide blockchain-enabled P2P transactions within the entertainment and media industry. Content creators and users are brought together through content, subscriber and peer nodes under the smart contract transaction system.

The Advantages of the BUCKY House  Platform

Through their platform production houses, musicians, authors, animators, game & app developers, advertisers, bloggers, and celebrities can create their own content and services. BUCKY House  has strategic partnerships providing a wealth of eBooks, animated series, computer games, movie, TV shows, music and more to the platform which users will have access to. Contributors can make their work available to all users at fair prices where the creators receive the majority of proceeds.

The BUCKY House  ecosystem is built on the founders’ vision of “your content, your rules, your billing.”

Disruption Potential within the Entertainment & Media Industry

The BUCKY House  vision is to eliminate the need for middlemen within the media and entertainment industry and through doing so, democratize participation and distribute revenues equally with transparent billing. The ecosystem provides the sharing platform and the BUCKY token enables transactions between users with complete freedom and completely unbounded by geography, location or region.

In essence, when users sign up to BUCKY House , they step into a world market where they can upload and distribute their work for prices that they set with clear billing, and users can pay fair fees knowing that the majority of their proceeds are directly allocated to the relevant parties.

Upcoming Token sale (BUCKY)

Everyone is welcome to participate in the upcoming BUCKY Coin (BUCKY) token sale and contribute to the development of the platform. And we really do mean everyone. From content creators and production houses to freelance authors & designers, advertisers, app developers, viewers & subscribers: if you are interested in creating, promoting and viewing world-leading content, while knowing that your proceeds are going where they should be, and not to unnecessary intermediaries, then visit us today to learn more about our platform and token sale.
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