Everything You Need to Know About the Native Streets of Rome

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Rome is a vibrant city that blends ancient and modern structures to give you a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Founded in 753 BC, this city has seen through the ups and downs of human civilization, and it has preserved this experience for posterity. Here, you'll find everything from ancient ruins to sprawling malls that in many ways, reflect the progress we have made as human beings. This is why it is a popular tourist destination, and all major airlines operate flights to Rome.

Due to this appeal, it's best to explore Rome by walk. While on the streets, you'll unearth some of the most unexpected things that'll give you a glimpse into the true side of Rome. Whether it's the smell of a bakery baking fresh bread, the feel of handmade leather by a craftsman or a 16th century piazza -  the native streets of Rome have it all for you.

Here are some leisure things you can do while walking through the streets of Rome:

Galleria Borghese

Though Rome is a museum by itself, visiting the Galleria Borghese is still worth it as tons of antiquities related to the Renaissance and Baroque art are housed here. The sprawling parks give you an uninterrupted pleasure of seeing sculptures from every possible angle.

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Via Condotti

Located across Piazza di Spagna is the famous Via Condotti, where you can find most Italian designers showing off their elegant wares. This 100-metre stretch of real estate is a paradise for every shopper who loves to wear clothes made by some of the best Italian designers.

 2 Lorenzo Viola

Piazza Navona

Probably, the best way to soak in the beauty of Rome is to zig-zag your way through alley to alley, and piazza to piazza. Start at the Piazza Navona, and move south towards Campo dei Fiori where you'll find cafes and flower markets. From here, walk towards Piazza Farnese and the Renaissance Palace, and eventually towards Ponte Sisto. This two-hour walk is sure to give you a new perspective of Rome.

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Ponte Sisto

Ponte Sisto is a bridge that gives you a glimpse of the natural beauty of this city. Surrounded by the Gianicolo Hill in the west and St. Peter's Basilica in the north, this bridge is a popular spot to gaze into the beauty of the charming Trastevere neighborhood.

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Nothing beats the charm of walking through Rome, so don't miss this exciting cultural experience.
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