Frankie Boyer On Biz Talk Radio Interviews Art Expert Scott M. Haskins

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Interview June 16th, 2021

Nationally awarded Radio Radio Talk Show Host Frankie Boyer in Boston Mass for Biz Talk Radio pulled in Scott M. Haskins, Art Expert and Mural Expert for an interview a day or so ago to discuss several interesting art related issues that are in the news.


Graffiti Art, Street Art… Save It As Valuable Contemporary Art? Or Is Removing Graffiti A Useless Waste Of Effort?

Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator (center) positions redwood slats of removed Banksy mural as he consults with Paul Schurch, Master Woodworker on a plan for mounting the mural to an aluminum honeycomb panel.


Graffiti art, a spray-painted image is, at least briefly, free for everyone to behold… until somebody defaces it, or a property owner paints over it. Banksy’s public art reputation endures, first because its become valued as a counter culture, bad-boy, illegal art with urban grit by the public (not just in financial terms for $millions), partly because of a crazy variety of efforts to salvage the art. Some suspect a brilliant marketing strategy. It seems funny to me, that the same spray paint applied illegally can be considered and esteemed so differently.


So, is street art a result of a chaos theory or is it genius? Could the thoughts of insightful Anna Dantes (Rome), Art Scholar, intellectual, Art History Expert be applied? “ Art is a form a genius. Actually, it’s the highest level of genius because to move you, it doesn’t require an explanation.”

Click here for the 10 minute show segment and forward to the 20:40 mark:


Frankie found Scott on  Talkers – The Bible of Talk Radio and the News Talk Media:

El MAA mural in Los Angeles

Check out on a search engine some of the work of these guys, considered the top artists of street art… but not public art that is fine art?

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat (SAMO pronounced Same-Oh) …
  • Keith Haring
  • Shepard Fairey
  • Banksy
  • Os Gemeos (pronounced Oss Jaymeos)
  • JR
  • Swoon
  • Invader
  • C215
  • ETAM
  • DALeast
  • * Vhils (Portuguese, pronounced Vills) (Alexandre Farto)
  • Mentalgassi
  • Hyuro
  • Titi Freak (Hamilton Yokoda)
  • SpY
  • Laguna
  • Blu

My favorite mural artist has nothing to do with the above street artist’s motives, vibe or social comments. Kent Twitchell focuses on depicting public art of American Cultural Icons. He believes in patriotism, putting God first in our lives and in our country, his art is always legal, respectful, the highest quality and a gift to society. Check out

We are preparing this mural for installation-

Scott M. Haskins 805 570 4140 mobile email:

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