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What is a fence without a gate? If you are installing a fence around your property or business, perhaps the most essential part of the installation will be the gates. Choosing the right gate for your property will help to ensure that it is secure and functional as well. Gates takes a bit of design and engineering to work efficiently. Choosing a fencing contractor in Canberra that has experience in gates is essential. JPK Fencing has spent more than 20 years in the industry. We have experience with pre-existing and new installation and can help with any fencing gate needs in Canberra.



Why Are Gates So Important?


The gate provides the only entrance and exit point in the fencing. If the gate is in place, you can get in and out of your home or business. When gates are not functioning or practical, a solution needs to be found. JPK Fencing has experience with both residential and commercial gates. Commercial gates need strength, power and often electricity to do their job. Residential gates need to have the durability to make it through the use that they get daily. Gates that don’t fit right can cause frustration, and they can become a safety hazard. In addition to choosing the right gate, you must also get your gate serviced from time to time.



Custom Gates Canberra


Not all gates are the same, and some properties will need a custom gate to fit their needs. Gates may be custom because of the height or the functionality. Custom gates can be made with steel and other materials to make sure that they last for many years. Having to wait for a custom gate to be ordered in and shipped to Canberra can take quite a bit of time. With JPK Fencing having the ability to make custom gates right in Canberra, you won’t have to go far to find the solution for your needs.



New & Existing Gates Canberra


When installing a new fence around a property or business, it is apparent you will need a gate. However, there are times you may be looking for gate repair and maintenance in Canberra. If you have a gate in place and have issues with functionality or durability, JPK Fencing can help. We understand how gates work and tell you whether you need a replacement or a repair. As you are well aware, fencing gates can get quite expensive. Let us know what your budget is, and we will work with it.



20 Years of Professional Experience


Gates and fencing in Canberra take quite a bit of knowledge and expertise. It is important to know the area and be able to fit gates accordingly. Not all properties need steel gates, some properties need electric gates, and others will need more than one gate. All of these things will be difficult to figure out on your own. Working with a company that has dedicated the last twenty years to understanding fencing and gates will pay off in the long run. JPK Fencing not only has solutions, but we have previous work we can show you to give you ideas and inspiration. If you think your current gate and fencing needs don’t have a solution, let us have a look.



High Quality and Durable Gates


Two of the most important features when choosing a gate are quality and durability. If you are fencing a large property, chances are there are parts of the fencing that will never even be touched by a human hand. Some fencing gets almost no wear and tear aside from weather conditions. However, when it comes to the gate, durability is a major concern. If your gate is large and heavy, it will take strong and durable mechanisms to open and close the gate. Having these in place will ensure that your property stays secure and protected. At JPK Fencing, we only use the highest quality fencing products. Our goal is to make your gate last for a very long time.



Slide and Swing Gates from JPK Fencing


The two main types of gates that we see in the Canberra area are the slide and the swing gates. If you are limited on space and want to create a very functional solution, the slide gate can help. Swing gates are quite common and can still have electric functionality. Regardless of the type of gate you need for your Canberra property, JPK Fencing is available to help. Contact us todayso we can take a look at your property and put together a solution that will work for you.



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