Laser-Dot High Precision BBs

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Laser-dot high-end range of airsoft BB’s at a constant manufacturing strive to achieve the ultimate performance. Each one of our BB is the use of advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing practices, and a conscious effort to provide experienced technical highest quality products and services.

Our products and our mission, our competitors, because we are close to the market for the company's engineers to provide a design solution, not just a marketing gimmick. Has succeeded in the United States and Brazil, we are going to conquer the European market.

From 0.20 grams to 0.40 grams in plastics and bio plastics - we provide the right ball for each type of game.

We PLA bio-degradation and bio-based Black Belt from sustainable sources, updated annually based starch plant products. Biodegradable Certification in accordance with the internationally recognized standard ISO 14855-1, these organisms produce the same strict BB shells sizes for our conventional Laser-Dot BBs.

Born in Belgium, BB high-precision Laser-Dot of destination were adopted in order to meet the most demanding player airsoft equipment to create the industry's best shot.

Laserdot Airsoft BBs. More than a hobby. A lifestyle.

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