Sabrina Luxury Collection Released a New Luxury Collection of Beautiful Vacation Villa Rentals

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Sabrina Luxury Collection is a luxury travel company established in Italy, to provide high-quality luxury villa during the holiday to them who do not want to waste time and money on useless things, tedious activity of individuals.

VENICE, ITALY, April 08, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ - The company is a woman named Sabrina Piccinin - the most successful businessmen in Italy these days an experienced guide. There are the latest achievements in this company, you will meet a list of who want to spend their free time schedule and holiday resort destination unique and beautiful place to build luxury villas individuals demand for new products.

The company's new product name is Sabrina Luxury Collection. It is possible to find world-class villas in the area of ​​Italy, Costa Rica, South Africa, France, Greece, St. Maarten, the Maldives and in Bali, a good collection. All of the luxury villa, people will find in this new luxury collection is a perfect holiday vacation, special occasions and require high-quality housing must be provided to all participants in other events.

Sabrina assures Sabrina Luxury Collection guaranteed to all customers, this new Luxury Collection will never live up to their expectations when it comes to satisfying the most exciting destinations in Europe and South Africa of their dream vacation process. No other tour companies in other parts of the world can go beyond the quality of all luxury villas and luxury tour packages, the company can provide to all customers. Each luxury villa, the company said it can offer to all customers is a place to relax and feel at ease is not difficult to achieve.

It included in the company's new luxury collection of all luxury villas built in the world's most beautiful places. People will be surprised to find all the amenities, landscape and special services, each of them will be found in this new luxury collection, you can never be found in other well-known tourist company's product line in the world right now. It is now in full details on luxury collectibles. One advantage of this new series of luxury villas is now the most attractive place in Europe or the tropics, a very satisfying vacation experience in 2015.

About Sabrina Luxury Collection

Sabrina Luxury Collection will let you find the ideal destination for your upcoming vacation!

Included in our list of all the villas have been carefully studied to provide the best experience for our customers. In addition, we work directly with the owners! These villas were examined, they offer a fully equipped kitchen, large bathroom, bedroom and oozing elegance and tasteful interiors.

Contact Information:
Sabrina Piccinin
Sabrina Luxury Collection
Venice, Italy
Voice: +393332065525
Online Version: You can read the online version of this press release here
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