7 Overlooked Sites in Germany

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Germany is blessed with some of the most beautiful sights, ranging from the majestic Alps to rolling hills and mighty rivers. You can catch glimpses of castles all over the country that give you a peek into a bygone era. Alongside this natural beauty, you can also see gleaming cities and a world of high-tech trains that stand testimony to the economic might of Germany.

Whether you're visiting Germany for the first time or for the hundredth time, there is always something that you've missed. Here are some of the overlooked sites in Germany.


If you love Roman history, Trier is the place for you. It is the oldest city in Germany, and often called "The Second Rome" for its Roman-style architecture. No other place in Germany captures the vividness of the Roman Empire as Trier.

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Potsdam is home to some of the best UNESCO Heritage sites, with the most famous being Sanssouci and its royal park. Cecilienhof, the site of Potsdam Conference in 1945, is another important sight here. To get to Potsdam, take a flight to Berlin, and a train from there.

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Freiburg is a scenic university town that has a medieval story like feel to it. Eco-friendly houses, spas, wine bars, and cafes are other things to savour here.

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Though Basel is in Switzerland, it sits on the border between Germany and France, thereby giving it an international flavour. If you're a cultural buff, this is a must-see place.

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Bremen's bronze statue of four animals is probably the most photographed monument in the world. Other areas of interest include Bremen Town Hall and Bremer Kunsthalle. This city has some of the finest architectural structures too.

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The Bastei

To catch a glimpse of the ruins of a German castle on top of a stone pillar, take a flight to Munich and a train ride to the city of Lohmen. This 11th century monument gives you a unique glimpse into Germany's rich past.

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This medieval town is home to the oldest inhabited bridge in Europe. Even today, it is filled with cathedrals and monasteries that are sure to transport you to a different era. A flight to Frankfurt and a two-hour ride by car can take you to Erfurt.

 7 Tobias Nordhausen

There are many more such overlooked sites in Germany. We hope you get to enjoy their beauty soon.
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