Why Data Lineage is crucial for Data Literacy?

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Data lineage is the process of observing how data travels and transforms through its life cycle, from its origin to destination, and how it changes when it comes in contact with systems, Application Programming Interface (APIs), applications, and reports. It is the process of visualizing and documenting the data. Data lineage is crucial for the user for a clear understanding of what happens to the data throughout its life cycle. It is also an indispensable tool for businesses to track faulty or corrupt data. Data lineage facilitates the tracking of the data stream from its origin to its consumption to secure the data’s accuracy. It enables the user to search the data in both forward and backward directions.


Data is incomprehensible without Data Lineage. Data Literacy is a skill that enables data experts and people from every department of an enterprise to ask relevant questions about data and machines, it empowers them to build knowledge, gives them the confidence to make the right decisions, and creates transparency in their communication. But none of that can be achieved without a solid foundation of Data Lineage.


According to /www.qlik.com, “IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, forecasts a ten-fold increase in worldwide data by 2025.”


In an aggressive global economy, that is continuously evolving, the requirement of data-literate employees will keep on increasing in data-driven businesses. Even some of the small or midsize businesses are today dealing with a large amount of data. But collecting large data does not ensure a proper understanding of data. Even with so many data literates and experts, there is the risk of low data literacy across the enterprise. Organizations are struggling due to the lack of proper data skills among employees, and large amounts of data being produced every day create challenges for them to keep up. And that is why Data Lineage is absolutely necessary for data literacy.


Global IDs helps businesses create an environment that embodies data literacy. A system that protects sensitive data across the ecosystem and organizes data relevant to its subject area through data classification, enabling growth with effective governance that brings transparency to data health which supports every process, decision, and predictive model.

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