Data Literacy: Business and Technical Understanding

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Why is it so that despite the countless ways to collect, store, report, and analyze data, a lot of businesses are still far behind in transforming their businesses to a next-level data-driven entity? 


A comprehensive understanding of data is one of the greatest assets of an organization, for both the data experts as well as all others working in the non-technical departments. It is extremely important for the smooth functioning of a business that the business owner is data-literate. That way, businesses will benefit from solid data-driven decisions and strategies rather than just ideas. The right approach and focus on Data-Literacy from both the business and technical point of view will lead to better performance and results that challenge competitors. Every employee should understand and know how to leverage data. Data Literacy is an absolute necessity for employees at both executive and every other level to raise their productivity and quality standards. More than anything, it is the employees who drive a business to success, so if you fail to give data literacy the focus and attention it needs, then your organization will fall behind due to their inability to use the essential resources of data to their full potential. 



While most businesses focus on data-driven technologies along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning, they also need to invest in creating a data-literate culture that will enable their growth, risk, and expense strategies to empower their employees to become more data-literate. A data-driven business should adopt a culture in which everyone has a collective understanding of the usage of data to make business decisions. Data Literacy requires both a business and technical understanding of the data you work with. And that is one of the main objectives of Global IDs to help you achieve that through its All-in-One Enterprise Data Platform. Its Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) provides the unified foundation for a broad set of enterprise data-driven solutions.


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