Jason Scott Jenkins And The Biotic Wars

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The actor Jason Scott Jenkins stars as Karl the security guard, a man who works for an evil company in the television series Future Man that plots to kill millions of innocent people, under the disguise of saving humanity from the deadly disease herpes.



In the television series Future Man, Jasonplays a security guard, who protects the premises of a special company called Kronish Labs. The first season of Future Man is about a young seemingly unambitious janitor Josh Futturman, who is a gamer during his free time. However, his life drastically changes, when he beats the game, and is rewarded with the title of in-game saviour. In a moment of complete shock, the video game characters appear to Futturman in full life-size form.



It turns out that this video game created by Futturman is supposedly an unbeatable game designed to recruit the user. When Futturman proves this theory wrong by winning the whole game, Tiger and Wolf come to life from video game, claim that they are from the future, and tell Josh Futturman that he needs to help them save the world from Kronish, the doctor he met who runs the laboratory Kronish Labs which Futturman works for.


Jason is an interesting villain, because although he appears to play a regular bodyguard, he shows up very often in the first season of the Future Man TV series. In these episodes it turns out there is much more to him than meets the eye. He is not just another ordinary human being like everyone else. In fact Jason’scharacter Karl, the typical tall and built security guard is really something known as a biotic.



The biotics are genetically-engineered people who are conceived in test tubes. Karl the security guard (played by Jason) is really a type of genetically engineered clone. Karl’s body cures naturally, he has no diseases, and is physically and genetically perfect. In one of the scenes, Jason’s villainous character Karl has what looks on the outset to be a normal human face. Then suddenly when Tiger and Wolf touch the side of his face and rip it off, the face turns out to be a mask. And the real face is a strange-looking clay, which bears more similarity to Slenderman than anything else.



Jason is a native of Hammonton, New Jersey in the United States. His previous credits include the American Horror Story, Jackals, the Serpent, and the Cross Wars. He moved to Hollywood a certain number of years ago and has played as a professional actor ever since.

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