Top 5 Places to Visit to be Close to Wildlife

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Animals continue to fascinate and surprise us with their behavior, natural instincts, and way of life. If you love wildlife, here are some places that give you an opportunity to get up close and personal with them in their natural habitats.


Killer whales or orcas are one of the most majestic ocean creatures. Much of their social behavior and communication are similar to humans, and this is probably what draws us to them. To get a close view of these killer whales, take a flight to Madrid, and from there head to the city of Tarifa, located on the southernmost part of Spain. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society offers daily whale watching trips.

 1 Annemieke Podt


The population of wild boars has soared all over Germany, thanks to intense conservation efforts. This is why you can catch a glimpse of these wild creatures as you hike through the forests and landscapes of Central Franconia, located between the rivers of Main and Danube. To get to this place, take a flight to Frankfurt and a two-hour ride to Schillingsfurst.

 2 Hank van den brink


Lundy, located on the edge of Bristol Channel, is well-known for its birdlife. More than 35 different species of birds such as Puffins and Falcons visit this island every year. If you love birds, this is the most fascinating holiday destination for you. As a bonus, the UK's only Marine Reserve is in Lundy, so don't be surprised if you catch sight of sharks basking in the sun! The best way to get to Lundy is to take a flight to London, and local transportation from there.

 3 Tony Llewellyn


Besides the Eiffel Tower and Cannes Film Festival, there are tons of wildlife viewing spots in France. Take a flight to Paris, and then local transportation to different parts of the country to see varying wildlife. If you go to Pyrenees, you can catch sight of deer, bears, foxes, and otters; Camargue has hoards of flamingoes, boars, and beavers; and Ibex abounds in the mountains of Eastern France.

 4 Maria Grazia Schiapparelli


If you want to see porcupines, hares, Persian squirrels, lynx, badgers, and tons of lizards, take the next flight to Istanbul and a train to the city of Lycia. You can also find monk seals, dolphins, and endangered sea turtles on its shores.

 5 ba7hr

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