An Art Restoration Company with an entrepreneurial spirit" Tom Antion interviews Scott M. Haskins

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Screw the Commute podcast episode featuring Tom Antion, one of the most successful Internet marketers in the world interviews Scott M. Haskins, Entrepreneur, Fine Art Conservator (an internationally renowned painting restoration firm that provides a variety of professional services, including disaster response for art and murals) and Author of the Save Your Stuff Series, of which over 10,000 copies have been distributed to help people save their valuable stuff like collectibles, artwork, family keepsakes, etc at home.

“This guy has an art restoration company
with an entrepreneurial spirit”
Tom Antion interviews Scott M. Haskins

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Here is the Content of the podcast
[02:19] Tom's introduction to Scott M. Haskins
[03:11] What Scott does for art conservation
[04:41] Wannabee and authentic paintings
[08:24] His regular University job
[10:33] A turn in the economy and technology
[14:37] Avoid getting screwed in business
[16:02] Natural disasters and insurance
[18:00] Bizarre and funny stuff in this business
[21:06] Best and worst things about working for yourself
[22:14] What Scott offers today
[25:11] Tom was worth $79!
[26:00] Sponsor message
[26:37] A typical day for Scott
[31:30] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

Scott M. Haskins graduated in 1978 from the Italian government  (Lombardy Region - ENAIP) 3 year master’s degree level painting conservation program run in conjunction with the Istituto Centrale del Restauro (ICR) in Rome.

Between 1978 and 1984 Mr. Haskins established the painting conservation laboratory at Brigham Young University, in Utah, USA which also served the historical collection of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as they prepared to build two art museums.

In 1986, Mr. Haskins established Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL) in Santa Barbara, CA where they presently provide professional painting conservation services over a wide geographical region. FACL is also recognized and well known nationwide and internationally for art restoration work on murals. They consult on damaged art issues as an expert witness for the Los Angeles court system and for insurance companies, nationwide. FACL has a specialized division of disaster response services for art related items (wildfires, house fires, floods and mud slides, earthquakes etc).

He is the author of the best-selling book series, Save Your Stuff, collection care manuals for collectibles, heirlooms, family history items and is a speaker internationally on the subject. He is also the author of several blogs and has a presence on several social media sites. He often uses these assets to help small museums, foundations and historical sites fundraise.

For media on Scott M. Haskins’ click here:

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Entrepreneurial Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

Higher Education Webinar – It's the second webinar on the page:
Screw The Commute –

Fine Art Conversation Laboratories –
Collection Care Tips –
Save Your Stuff website –
Phone: 805-564-3438
Scott's YouTube Channel –

The Entrepreneurial Podcast and Tom
“Screw the Commute” is a podcast and private Facebook group designed to inspire you to start your own business and/or take the business you have to much higher levels. Tom Antion, our fearless leader, has never had a job. He's always had his own business. Starting with nothing, he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE graduating college.

Tom has actually been entrepreneurial since he was nine or ten years old. Tom's dad came from Syria through Ellis Island in the early 1900's, became an entrepreneur, made Tom into an entrepreneur, and Tom has helped thousands of people start, run and improve their own businesses.
A Hollywood documentary is in production about Tom that celebrates entrepreneurs, called “The American Entrepreneur” you can watch the trailer at Facebook and keep in touch because you are invited to the big online premiere party coming soon.

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