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There are many benefits to using herbal hair dyes. It is private, cheap, gentle and safe for you and the environment. But unlike commercial household hair dyes, herbal hair dyeing does not come with instructions. To help you, here are some tips for a carefree and successful homemade hair coloring experience.


Wear Framar Gloves to prevent hands from getting dirty. Also, to dry your hair after dying it, wipe it with an old towel to prevent some color from losing.


Apply natural vegetable oil or butter (shea butter is good) on the hairline, ear tips and around the neckline to avoid staining the skin.


Expect to see cumulative effects from most formulations. The result is progressive-the more frequently you use color rinsing, the stronger the result.


Use non-metallic pots (for example, glass, pottery, ceramic or enamel surfaces) to prepare herbal hair color. Use a wooden spoon or plastic spoon to stir. When you need to filter plant material from liquids, use a non-metallic screen (such as nylon or plastic) or cheesecloth.


Many herbal shampoos have natural fruity, floral or spicy aroma. However, if you don’t like the smell, you can add one or two drops of essential oil to each cup of liquid you use.


You can rinse the selected area instead of the entire head of the hair.


Herbal hair dye is generally safer and gentler than chemical hair dyes. However, some people may be allergic or sensitive to certain plants. For safety use Framar Foils Vancouver, please mix a small amount of the formula and test the patch on the inside of your forearm 24 hours before you plan to dye your hair.


As with household hair dyes, perform a strand test to see how the color appears on your unique hair. Prepare some hair dye and apply it to half an inch of hair in inconspicuous areas. Keep the color for 15 minutes. If there is no change, please keep it and keep checking it every 5 minutes. During the test, the color remains for no more than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the color will increase if it is processed multiple times.


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