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Jason Scott Jenkinsis an actor best known for playing in action movies, especially ones as great as Cross 3, also known as Cross 3: Rise of the Villains. The Cross series are one of Jason’s greatest achievements, including Cross Wars, Cross 3, Cross 4, and Cross 5.



Cross 3 continues with the story of Callan, where the street-fighting hero is armed with a mystical ancient cross amulet and goes up against evil gangsters. Callan and his friendswho are weapons specialists,go to war against the local Los Angeles thugs and criminals. The evil villainMuerte is back again. This time Callan arms Drago with a red amulet to fight off Muerte, and all of his henchmen when they come out to attack him. This special amulet is a magical gem that promises death to the one who dares to touch it.


There is something absolutely interesting is the sizable amount of characters in the movie. Something unusual happens in this film when Callanthe protagonist decides to work with his arch-nemesis Gunnar, in order to make sure that Muerte, the brutal gangsteris defeated now that he has that super all-powerful amulet, which gives him god-like power to create death and destruction and bring out the apocalypse. Jason returnsas the gangster Jax, looking ready to be the professional killer that he is. Jax is a character very famous for his brawn, and for being very loyal on assignment involving murder. Whenever the gang leader Muerte needs somebody to carry out a hit, he calls on Jax because he knows that he is the right man for the job.



The action sequences in the movie are fast-paced and exciting. The guns that are used for the movie have ultraviolet lasers attached to them to make them more deadly. Rivals from both the gangs and Callan’s team, who try to fight off this evil menace Muerte come out at each other guns blazing in all directions. There are cover-based shootings, and for a while it is hard to tell which side is winning this war.



Jason Scott Jenkins shines in this movie Cross 3. He is very convincing as a mobster. There is a lot of similarity between the way Jason’s character Jax comes off on the screen, and the gangster Frank Nitti who worked for Al Capone in the 1920’s.

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