5 Tips to Consider in Designing Custom Printed T-Shirts

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Designing prints for a shirt is far from designing on screen. While the basics are likely the same, you'll need to consider more factors. A print can look totally look different on screen. So if you're planning to get your designs printed on shirts, here are some tips to take note of.

1. Brainstorm your concept. Don't rush the design process. Take your time developing your design to ensure it's unique and original. You don't want to copy someone else's idea so be sure to conduct an extensive research. If you're working with a team, pool in everyone's insights. You never know whose idea will be the best. If you're working on a design on your own, it will not hurt to ask friends (with an eye for design, as much as possible) which concepts they think will work best on print.

2. Mind your font. The font is a huge factor when it comes to clarity of your message. You can have a powerful message but a bad font can put it to waste. Take a look at several fonts and see which one suits your message best and is the most readable too. A custom t-shirt design can be as simple as a text. But that design can become popular if the message and the font are both remarkable. Remember, your typography may be the first thing that people see on your shirt, not the design per se. You'll want to do a great job of it.

3. Keep details simple. Details are great but you'll want to keep everything simple. For one, a too complex detail is trickier to print. There's much more work involved to achieve an accurate print. Great drawing is good. But, be sure to study your output. See how it's likely to look once it's printed on a shirt. Place your design on an actual photo of a person. How does it fare? Will you buy that design if you it in store?

4. Pay attention to colors you choose. Colors are message conveyors. If you're developing a t-shirt design for your business, you'll want to pay attention to the color scheme you're using. Use colors inspired by your brand. In addition, remember that colors on screen may look more vivid than in person. Use colors that work well with each other. Have a sample printed and see how close it is to your actual design.

5. Find a great printer. The quality of your design is as crucial as the t-shirt printer you're hiring. Go only to an expert team that can produce high-quality prints. Chances are, you'll also save a lot more as they're able to offer you cost-effective packages. You also will no longer have to worry about deadlines as they have the manpower and equipment necessary to get the job done on time. You'll also be provided superior customer service which is always a plus factor.

Customising a t-shirt print design is an exciting process. custom tshirt printing requires work, but once you see the fruit of your labor, you'll be happy for sure that you did not rush it.
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