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Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner, Frank Ellis, has revealed the secrets behind the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the new life that has been put into it.

November 27, 2015 – Frank Ellis has published an insightful article on, detailing the secrets behind the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Extended through 2017 by a recent legislation, this tax credit can help cover tuition, course materials, and other education expenses. The financial limit of this partially reversible credit is revealed as well.

Further information is provided, giving taxpayers a look at the fine print. Frank Ellis explains what a reversible tax credit is, who qualifies for it, and how owing tax can affect eligibility. If someone doesn’t owe taxes, the author reveals how much of a refund one can receive as part of the credit. Examples are provided to give an idea of how much can be saved and just how the tax credit works.

Income limitations are also explained. The author reveals the American Opportunity Tax Credit expands eligibility for the Hope Tax Credit, and the income levels at which partial credits are available. Frank Ellis also reveals that the American Opportunity Tax Credit is intended to help people obtain job training and continue their education.

Ellis also reveals provisions within the tax credit which allow taxpayers to use it for supplies, for example. Families can therefore seek continuing education whereas it would be hard to without the tax credit. TurboTax software is briefly mentioned as well. The program is designed to help people claim this tax credit and provides the right form for doing so.

As with similar articles on the website, an embedded video slideshow is presented to illustrate the facts, provisions, and limitations of the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Bullet points and narration help taxpayers understand the basics. This and many other articles are intended to provide insight into the ever-changing tax filing process. Each year, the rules change. Such articles and the suggestions provided help people avoid costly mistakes and experience less stress during tax season.

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