Dr. Mike Greenberg Receives Award for Excellence in Holistic Medicine

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Dr. Greenberg honored by Holistic Doctors Recognition Board

ATLANTA—Dr. Mike Greenberg, D.C., has been honored with the Award of Excellence in Holistic Medicine by the Holistic Doctors Recognition Board.

Dr. Greenberg, who practices at Millennium Healthcare in Atlanta, has more than 20 years’ experience in holistic medicine. He specializes in chiropractic medicine, traumas, emotional triggers, hormonal issues and sports medicine, and also works with patients to eliminate allergies to food, pets and medication without the use of injections.

His practice, which began in Los Angeles, has seen numerous celebrities, including James Garner, Richard Dreyfus, Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart and Barry Bostwick. He has given workshops to other practitioners around the country, and has appeared on national television to address achieving optimal health. In 1996 he received a patent for a hypoallergenic multivitamin formula.

His current practice, Millennium Healthcare, is an interdisciplinary center that blends Western, Eastern and emerging medicine into an integrative health model that offers patients the benefits of each approach in one place. The practice offers chelation therapy, detoxification, chiropractic services, N.A.E.T. allergy elimination, reflexology, holistic skin care, reiki and more.

The Holistic Doctors Recognition Board identifies and honors the best holistic practitioners in the United States and Canada. The board looks for holistic healing professionals with at least 10 years in practice, as well as high standards of ethics, professionalism and dedication to alternative medicine, with an emphasis on their time in practice and their clinical experience.

The goal, board President Francoise Becquey said, is to highlight those practitioners who are dedicated to serving the public, so that patients have an unbiased source of information. In order to be recognized, the practitioners must hold a degree from an accredited school, a professional medical license in the U.S. or Canada, must have at least 10 years in practice and be in good standing with their local regulatory board.

“We’re glad to be able to honor Dr. Greenberg with the Award for Excellence in Holistic Medicine,” Becquey said. “His dedication to patients and to facilitating health using safe, gentle, effective techniques exemplify the very highest ideals of holistic medicine.”

More information about Dr. Greenberg and his practice is available at www.millennium-healthcare.com/index.html and more information about the HDRB is available at www.hdrb.org
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