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Every country has its own attractions to boast but if you are looking for a country that has a perfect mix of everything – from historic sites, amazing views and diverse culture, Amsterdam is a highly suitable choice. Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands and this country is quite different from other travel destinations because along with its famous tourist spots lies a more liberal culture than the others.

Amsterdam has a lot to offer for every tourist – its famous museums, grand canals, free culture, amazing nightlife scene and many more. Amsterdam can give you a complete and exclusive travel tour.

Are you curious now? Read on and you might book a flight to Amsterdam in no time.

  1. Visit the historic museums of Amsterdam
There are various museums that display the glory of Amsterdam. Visit the recently modernized Amsterdam Museum to have a glimpse of their past, from old furnishings to photographs and some interesting archaeological findings. The Joods Historisch Museum is another pride of Amsterdam where models, paintings and artifacts that exhibit Judaism history. Dig into the past of Amsterdam and tour around these museums!

  1. Be amazed with Amsterdam’s Canal Belt
One of the unique features of Amsterdam is its 165 canals that covers 100 km and crisscrossing 90 islands.  Here you will see the waterways that gives the city a romantic feel. Spend the day wandering around the canals and visiting the numerous galleries, shops and cafes.
Source: E-lsa
  1. Have a picnic style lunch at the Vondelpark
A scenic view is waiting for you in Vondelpark! Lay out a blanket in the luscious green grass and enjoy your afternoon while breathing in the fresh air and eating your delicious snack. Take advantage of this peaceful environment to seat, relax and ponder on nature’s beauty.

  1. Visit the Bloemenmarkt
When it comes to different kinds of flowers, Amsterdam can offer you great deals. Visit “Bloemenmarkt” the most famous flower market in Amsterdam. Smell the aroma of countless flowers such as tulips, carnations, roses and sunflowers!

Source: Akemi

  1. Rent a bike and stroll around Amsterdam
Bicycles have long been a symbol of freedom in Amsterdam since the 1960s. When you get there, make sure to free an afternoon and explore the wondrous streets of Amsterdam by cycling around!

Source: Moyann Bren

  1. Eat street food, the Amsterdam way
It may not be the usual street food that you may encounter but the raw herring of Amsterdam being sold in fish stands around the city is a must-try for tourists. Herring is a small fish popular among Dutch people. It is usually marinated in mild vinegar pickle for five days and then it is ready to serve with chopped onions on the sides. Try this and have a taste of an authentic Dutch specialty in an affordable price!



7.     Visit Rijksmuseum

The world-class museum of Rijksmuseum houses Amsterdam’s largest collections with about 8,000 historic objects and arts. Tour around and witness 800 years of Dutch history and surely, you will adore the beautiful masterpieces that this museum has kept for years!



Source: Valerio


8.     Visit the Anne Frank Museum

The very historic Anne Frank museum is another place to visit in Amsterdam. Inside this museum, you get to see the actual home of the diarist Anne Frank and her family during World War II, maintained and preserved in its original form. Have an actual feel of the tragic Jewish history by touring around this history-filled home!


Source: N8


9.     Experience Amsterdam’s nightlife scene

Cap off your long day tour by unwinding in the best bars of Amsterdam like the Twee Zwaantjes , Wynand Fockink and Prik. Party hard and jive with the locals while enjoying bar drinks!

Source: Escape

There are a lot of attractions to see and things to do when in Amsterdam because of its rich history, a very diverse culture and a free community.  Thus, take this list as your guide to experience the best of what Amsterdam has in stored for you!
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