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Gama Hair Dryer is a very important part of hair styling and hair care procedures. You use this tool almost every day, so there are many important factors to consider before buying. If you are a hair stylist, there are many things to pay attention to because you will use this tool on almost every client. If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the available options, remember to consider the following: heating elements, settings, power, weight, accessories and warranty. There are multiple styles in each category, but the style that suits you best depends on your needs.


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The most important factor to consider is the heating element. It is no secret that heating hair every day can cause danger and injury. Even with insulation products, it is still important to use a high-quality hair dryer to prevent damage. Not all hair dryers dry your hair in the same way, and knowing this difference can really save your hair.


The cheapest hair dryer tents use metal or plastic heating elements, which can cause very intense and very uneven heat. It essentially "boils" the hair by boiling water. This is the most dangerous method of drying hair and should be avoided if possible. Higher standard dryers are usually made of ceramic drying elements. Similar to those used in space heaters or other home heating technologies. The ceramic creates a far-infrared head that enters the core of the hair strand and dries from the inside out.


You may have seen the hair dryer boasting that it is an "ion hair dryer." On cheap hair dryers (not ion hair dryers), the heat diffuses the positive ions, and since the cuticle of the hair is naturally neutral, this causes them to open and cause the hair to be loose and fluffy. The high-quality ionic hair dryer generates negative ions, thereby "flattening" the neutral stratum corneum and absorbing moisture, keeping hair smooth and shiny. This can also work faster, because it breaks down each water molecule with a negative charge.


Ceramic heating elements can complete these negative ions to a certain extent, but it is much more effective to combine them with other materials such as tourmaline. According to reports, compared with tools made of other materials, it can dry and style hair up to 70% faster. In general, the best hair dryer will be ionic and made of a mixture of ceramic and tourmaline.


Another important factor to consider is the power on the hair dryer. The exact wattage varies from dryer to dryer, but unless it is a travel dryer, it should always be greater than 1300 watts. The average is about 1750 watts, and some hairstylists recommend a maximum of 1900 to 2000 watts for long, thick hair.


Just like in a hair straightener, the settings on the hair dryer can be very beneficial. Many products come with high or low options, but it is also important to look for hot or cold settings. Since heat can damage your hair, it is best to use the lowest and lowest settings possible. It is best to have a dryer that offers a variety of settings to choose from.


If the hair dryer is only used for personal use, weight may not be very important. However, if you use the dryer between customers day after day, you will definitely notice a difference of a few ounces. The lightest hair dryer available is 12 to 13 ounces. Since these are usually high-end and expensive, please consider whether you really need a dryer to light this kind of light.


The latest feature of the hair dryer is all accessory options. People with thick, curly hair can use a diffuser to avoid curling. This attachment causes the hair between the hair rings to spread out, thereby drying the hair faster but more gently. Using a nozzle or airflow tool is very suitable for those who use a brush to dry their hair. You can comb each part of your hair and easily focus the airflow on that part to dry quickly and efficiently. Moreover, these nozzle tools allow you to concentrate the air at the root or under the hair: these two places are often forgotten.


The last important factor in buying a hair dryer is the warranty. Like everything else, the warranty sometimes comes from the manufacturer and sometimes from the retailer. More expensive brands tend to have better return, refund and repair options, so be sure to check before buying a dryer with Barber Supplies Canada

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