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There are many hair dryers on the market, which one is best for you? There are too many different types, styles, different functions, and even more importantly, different prices. So, how do you choose the right one?


When buying a new Gama IQ Hair Dryer, there are many factors to consider:


1)     What type of hair do you have? Is it long, short, thin or thin, dense, curled, damaged, etc.?

2)     Do you need to consider weight or ergonomics?

3)     Is the dryer to be used at home, traveling or both?

4)     What is your budget?


Once you have the answers to these questions, you can easily choose a variety of hair dryers for weeding. However, whether your hair is damaged or not, always make sure that your chosen hair dryer has ceramic and ion technology. These techniques are very important in the drying process.


In short, ionic technology can help to quickly evaporate the moisture in the hair. Ceramic technology distributes the heat evenly on the hair and eliminates harmful hot spots caused by the use of a hair dryer with Beauty Supply. The generated negative ions decompose the water droplets into fine particles, which are absorbed by the hair, and the drying time is greatly reduced. The end result is reduced damage to the hair and more moisture for moisturized and healthy hair.


When choosing a hair dryer that suits your hair type, it boils down to the wattage of the hair dryer. The power of the hair dryer is usually between 250 watts and 2000 watts. Among these tools, you will find hot air brushes that can actually dry and style your hair, including styling hair dryers with combs and brush attachments, wall-mounted hair dryers, hard cap and soft cap hair dryers, and your favorite pistol hair dryer. In combination with the wattage, the heat/speed setting provided with the dryer needs to be considered.


People complain a lot when using a hair dryer, one of which is the weight of the hair dryer. This is understandable, because let's face it, people with a lot of hair end up having to keep the hair dryer longer. Also, if you use a styling brush to style your hair while drying your hair, it may take longer. Think of a hair stylist who blows his hair all day long! People who already have carpal tunnel problems or tendencies also need to be careful not to further aggravate the situation. Fortunately, the manufacturers of hair dryers have listened to the opinions of professionals, and now you can find more lightweight dryers, ergonomic handles, and even well-balanced dryers. These dryers usually place the motor of the dryer in a position where the weight of the dryer is evenly distributed, and there is less stress no matter where you hold it.


Since many of us travel a lot, whether for work trips, leisure trips, or exercise in the gym, our desire is to have a clothes dryer specially designed for travel, or a clothes dryer that will be used in the dryer machine. Dual purpose. This category opens up a whole new range of considerations. Will your trip take you to other countries? If so, you will need a dual voltage dryer and an appropriate adapter plug designed for the specific country you want to visit. Similarly, weight may be a question of the new baggage weight limit and how much space the dryer will take up? There are many lightweight and compact foldable travel dryers, so this is not a problem. These are also popular for those who just want to put the dryer in their gym bag while exercising.


Finally, what is your budget? The good news is that with so many high-quality dryers in Beauty Supply all price ranges, this shouldn't be a problem. Obviously, if you want the best, you'd better expect to pay more, and in most cases you will be happy.


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