High-Quality Italian Leather Handmade in Toronto

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From Rome to Toronto With Love Leather – High-Quality Italian Leather Handmade in Toronto


A gentleman is known by the looks of his leather and a lady's smile is accentuated by how well she carries her leather. Whatever you do this season, let your leather apparel speak for you!


Get the extra springiness to your gait that only top grain Italian leather handmade in Toronto can give you. You don't just want eyes to follow you when you walk into a place brimming with people of class, you want to be asked the name of your leather case and where you got it from.


People have bonded in friendship over fleeting pleasures like wines, meals, and music and broken up before the turn of the new day but no friendship born out of the mutual love of classy, high-quality leather has fallen short of expectation. If for anything, it only gets strengthened.


But hey, you have to renew your love for high-quality leather tailored to suit your style by trying any of our handmade stylish leather cases and accessories.


Cigar Travel Case that Marks You as a Boss


How do you show you love your cigar without a fancy leather travel case to tote it around with you for important travels? Whether minimalistic or grand, coal-black, or coffee brown, our handmade top grain Italian leather cigar case is the place where your smoke needs to cool off for you. These cigar leather cases match beauty with utility and never fails to create in the minds of people you meet the lasting warm first impression you didn't work hard for.


You would be amazed at how much treasure you can dig up with some good dollars. Shop for Cigar Travel Case that defines your style here.


Canna Cases to Remember


While more states in the USA spread their arms wide to welcome legal recreational cannabis, it's time to show heartfelt care and appreciation to your Canna. It has been there for you through thick and thin! Get it something stylish, functional, and discrete, and don't forget that these things come in top grain imported Italian Leather handmade in Toronto.


Yes, our Canna cases come with the kind of quality leather you strap on your wrist as watches and on your waists as a belt. It would blend easily with your look and add to your story! What's more, our Canna cases have infused humidity and a scent-locking membrane that allows for discrete travel while keeping all the essentials in one place. And YES, you can configure it to the best of your imagination!


Let's take you through our Canna Case exhibition gallery - Shop Now.


Handmade Duffle Bag with the Attitude


Travelling comes with a whole different mix of emotions - anxiety, happiness, elation, peace, warmth, anger, uncertainty... Whichever emotion your riding with, you surely want a companion with an attitude. That's our Duffle bags! The leathers they come with rode from Italy to Toronto in all the right emotions that marks memorable moments of your life, and tailored with a vintage twist, they want to make you stand out from the crowd you find yourself at on arriving at your destination.


We're talking full-body leather construction, extended zipper for complete access, comfortable soft-grip handles, and elegant adjustable shoulder strap to create a timeless and classic piece. What else can you ask for?


Just one thing!

Where can I begin shopping for mine? View our stylish array of duffle bags here.


Leather Wallets that Hold Your Story


The life of a wallet is one full of ups and downs, highs and lows. What is the current state of your wallet? Is it torn in places and out of sorts? Is it begging to get out of the fabric it was made of to jump into a shiny new skin?


Oh, yes! Your wallet needs to wear a brand-new leather skin. It needs to smell like the valuables you store in it and wink at the sun when you flash it out of your pocket.


The truth is that your wallet wants to become our Peter James Leather Slim Line Wallet. It wants to hold all your paper and plastic with stylish pride and dignity just like every other wallet handmade in North America using full-grain, Italian, aniline finished leather.


Of course, you should listen to your wallet. Where your money stays, that's where your dollar goes! Shop for handmade top grain wallets here.


One Last Thing!

When you glow, your leather too needs to glow. Although it is leather, it journeyed from Italy to Toronto, Canada with love to get to you. It is not your regular leather and you do need to give it the premium treatment that befits it!


It’s not so hard to keep your leather neat and shiny, all you need is our Leather Spot Cleaner and Leather Cream. Both handmade like your Italian-Toronto leather; they do exactly what you want them to do.


The upside is that using them can become as spellbindingly addictive as taking care of your skin. You don’t know you’re taking care of your leather until the compliments start rolling in a long time after you purchased your leather cases and apparel from us.


Shop Now for our leather cleaning and care products here :- https://peterjames.ca/
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