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Daftar Isi (toc) :- See the blog post for lots of tips. A quick client’s testimonial in Orange County, CA for the restoration of a family heirloom painting. But, was it worth it? Click on SHOW MORE

What is junk and what is a treasure? Is it authentic? What is something worth? This is the mystery and business of collectibles, antiques, memorabilia and art industry and the appeal behind the Antiques Roadshow. As you might imagine, just anybody’s opinion about what you have will NOT be sufficient, appropriate nor probably accurate information. See this video of some examples or heirlooms saved for future generations, some nice stuff from Europe and a celebrity guest in the lab!!

Scott M. Haskins, Virginia Panizzon, Juliann Stephenson Art Conservators 805 564 3438

Frankie Boyer Talk Radio with Scott M. Haskins about "How can something "priceless" be worth nothing!?!?!"  #ExpertClickRadio :-

Scott Haskins, internationally renown art conservator, YouTuber, blogger, author of the Save Your Stuff book series,  0n Restoration & Protection of Collectibles & Valuable Art, China & Pottery

In the final segment of his interview with Frankie Boyer, the topic turns to how to avoid getting ripped off by shady appraiser or restoration specialists. Also Scott gives examples of protecting valuables from natural disasters and finding the right person for fixing broken china or restoration of an art piece.

As a kid growing up, Scott was always interested in science and the arts. That stayed with him hethrough college. When I was about to get my bachelor’s degree, his art history program chair asked him if he had ever considered “art conservation” for graduate work. IHehad never even heard of it. Turns out, it was the perfect marriage of his two main interests: “The application of science to the preservation and restoration of art.”

Scott’s Formal Training:

Most industrialized nations of the world have formal art conservation programs (Scott is not talking about private restoration schools, trade schools or apprentice programs) where something comparable to a Masters Degree in the US can be obtained. The waiting lists to get into these university or government programs are usually long and reapplication is required for years. But, the stars aligned and he was admitted after my first application to the conservation center in Lombardy, Italy – a satellite program affiliated with the National Center in Rome (ICR).

The first week of classes, he was on scaffolding looking and getting instruction for working on an affresco dated 1365. With a big smile he pinched myself and said, “This is great!” He appreciated the experience knowing that other art conservation students around the world were going to have limited hands on experience, especially the two year. And here he was, already in the thick of things from the “get go.” He was not disappointed with his choice over the years. During his three year program, he worked on numerous Renaissance to Baroque affrescos in ancient abbeys, libraries and churches. He also worked on many small and very large canvases. We worked on-site and in the state of the art laboratories of the conservation center.

He got instruction from seasoned professionals who had worked around the world on UNESCO projects (on murals in temples in Burma and in the tombs of Egypt) and who were well informed on international current standards of practice, and techniques especially after working with the international community in response to the devastating Florence Flood of 1966 (9 years earlier). The conservation center’s professors and teachers came up from Rome and Scott’s class went to Rome often to interact with the Istituto Centrale Del Restauro.

He graduated from the formal Italian government 3 year painting/mural conservation and restoration program in mid 1978.

Also, here are a couple of newspaper articles: For a feature article in the Life Section of the Santa Barbara News-Press go to…ewspaper/

Article in New York City about mural conservation is Los Angeles…ne-mural-at-a-time

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