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When hair dries, it usually looks dull and difficult to style. This dryness is due to the inability of the sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands to produce enough sebum or chemical, physical or climatic factors caused by sebum and insufficient water. For example, coloring, drying, sun, wind, chlorinated water and sea water.


Phyto has developed a series of Beauty Supply Vancouver products to protect your hair from drying out and provide nutrients to the fibers of the hair. These are Phytojoba shampoo, Phytosesame conditioner, Huile D'Ales oil treatment and Phyto 7 Hair moisturizer. If left untreated, dry hair will become brittle and weaker, and may result in a broken and dull, worn appearance.


If the hair is left untreated, its condition will deteriorate and the essential components of keratin such as amino acids will be lost, and the scales of the hair will not be leveled, making the hair loose, fragile and difficult to tangles. If this happens, you will need to take the Phyto treatment to a new level and use the Phyto series to treat ultra-dry hair. These include plant essence shampoo, plant essence oil conditioner, plant potash conditioner and plant essence 9 nourishing cream.


Phyto Hair Products Calgary


Phytojoba shampoo is a mild, creamy shampoo with excellent moisturizing properties, which can enhance the natural protection of the hair and keep it in good condition. Ingredients such as jojoba oil and cornflower can help maintain the moisture in the core of the hair fiber-allowing the hair to quickly regain shine and suppleness.


Plant sesame conditioner


The plant sesame fast moisturizing conditioner acts quickly and can provide dry hair with important nutrients that it lacks. Phytosesamin, which is full of nutrients such as sesame, jojoba oil, castor oil, cocoa and shea butter, can ensure its deep nutrition in the hair fiber and help rebuild the protective film covering the hair. Rapeseed oil derivatives can quickly tangle the hair like chemical formula Beauty Supply Vancouver products without making the hair heavy. After dyeing your hair with Phytojoba, leave Phytojobame for about 2 minutes to restore strength, shine and softness.



Phyto Huile D'Ales Intense moisturizing oil contains a unique blend of essentails specially formulated by Phyto experts to moisturize, smooth and restore the shine of dry hair. With a water-soluble formula, Huile D'ales can be rinsed easily and retain even the finest hair texture. If you use this oil before coloring, Huile D'ales will provide excellent protection for your hair and scalp without interfering with the color's chemistry-making the hair color appear softer, vibrant and smooth-extending the color life.



Phyto Hair Products Calgary is an excellent hair care cream, based on plants, composed of seven different plant extracts aimed at nature, with rich hydrating and hydrating properties (calendula, sage, cow d, willow, soybean, fan Rosemary and Althea). This creamy but non-greasy pollen enhances natural protection and maintains the moisture content of hair fibers. It can be applied to towel-dried hair after shampooing with Phytojoba, or it can be applied to hair as needed throughout the day.


Plant extract shampoo


Phytonectar is a super nourishing shampoo with a high concentration of orange blossom extract in its ingredient list. Phytonectar shampoo is a very nutritious shampoo that can help restore and moisturize the ultra-dry and porous hair in the fiber.


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