Tips 10 Current Drugstore Picks #2

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It's no secret that I love this concealer, I have, after all, been raving about it for years now. I particularly like this as an under-eye concealer, because due to the light texture, it looks so natural on the skin. The coverage is about medium, so it won't cover super dark circles, but I find it works for me and my under-eye redness, It even manages to cover some small blemishes and it doesn't look like a caked-up patch on the spot. The unique sponge applicator, as unhygienic as it might look, is actually brilliant as I find that very little additional blending is needed after application. I use the shade called Fair, which pink-toned and probably closest to NW 15 for a reference. 
DM (not available in Slovenia), 9.95 €.

I had very little faith in primers before discovering this. Most made my skin so terribly flaky, but this leaves a perfect, matte smooth surface ready for an application of foundation. It's not so super siliconey that it might feel greasy, instead it's instantly dry to the touch and it feels like nothing on the skin, though I'd still recommend thin layers, since like that you get most benefits of any primer. This really prolongs the staying power of makeup, so it's perfect to use under all those new-age dewy foundations that just disappear in the middle of the day. I also love using this as an eye primer because it intensifies the colour of the eyeshadows and makes them last a lot longer.
Müller, 12.99 €.

This converted me into a powder person again. For years I dared no apply powder as it would just make my foundation look cakey and noticeable. But this kind of just blurs the skin a tiny bit, so it makes the foundation look better and less obvious, even a bit radiant, but it still keeps oil at bay (though my skin isn't particularly oily, just on my T-zone a bit). There are some pretty intimidating glitter particles in it, but if you keep your application very moderate, it's completely transparent. 
Boots International, £9.99.

BOURJOIS Cream Blush
I'm a big fan of cream blushes as I find them so easy to apply with fingers when in a hurry as well as I use them as a base under a powder blush to prolong its staying power. Bourjois are my absolute favourite due to a velvet texture, so they are not as "greasy feeling" as others, rather they are dry to the touch once applied and therefore when I apply a powder blush on top, it doesn't stick to the wet patches. The finish of these is a lovely matte, so they look a lot more natural on the skin than most. Nude Velvet is my absolute favourite cream blush, though admittedly it looks very boring in the pan, it gives an adorable peachy flush to the skin.
Feel Unique, 10.39 €.

You don't see a matte eyeshadow in the drugstore often, especially one that is actually good. L'Oreal's isn't just good, it's brilliant. Somehow they managed to make a pigmented, soft matte shade that doesn't have some strange fall-out, doesn't look patchy on the skin and blends like a dream. I'm bloody impressed. The colour is a complete winner as well, Breaking Nude is a beautiful taupe shade that is totally up my alley. It's expensive for drugstore, but totally worth it.
Műller, 8.99 €

Give an award to the inventor of these felt tip eyeliners. L'Oreal's and (surprisingly) Kardashian Beauty's are my two absolute favourite. The sharp nib allows to draw super thin and precise lines including the flicks. If you're a beginner when it comes to liners or you're just having a hard time making liner work for you due to your eye shape (like me), give these a go. They make all the difference to the eye makeup because they make the eyes look more awake, defined and noticeable.
L'Oreal: Feel Unique,  9.09 €, Salma (SLO) 5.60 €
Kardashian Beauty: Feel Unique, 15.54 €

It's be a small crime not to mention this beauty in an October post. Burgundies are all the rage every autumn and this is such a classic, yet inexpensive shade. On me it looks more purple than on most, but it's a deep red-purple shade, which looks killer with a nice neutral eye and subtle blush. The formula is matte, which is what I personally prefer when it comes to darker lip colour, but it's not so matte that it would be terribly drying. I would recommend you get a lip liner for this shade.
Feel Unique, 7.14 €

Such an amazing lip gloss. The pigmentation is lovely, it feels very comfortably creamy on the lips and much to my delight it smells like peaches (which is only my favourite scent of products ever). I have a beautiful warm pink shade called Rose Symphony that I really love as I think it makes my eyes appear more blue. Luckily these finally reached our drugstores, though the price tag is not so easy to swallow - still it's total worth it.
Müller, 13€

(Oil-licious Triple Oil Dry Oil Mist)
Since I have dry hair, I love using hair oils and Öl-la-la is one of the most innovative as well as fastest to apply. It's a light silicon based product with argan oil in a spray form that gives tons of shine, helps fight frizz and doesn't weight down the hair. Often when I do a hairstyle, especially curls, I prefer to not touch it much as I find that curls can drop too much that way, so I spray some of this instead of using a liquid oil like Orofluido or Elixir Ultime. Basically this spray is healthy looking hair in a can and I'd even recommend it to those, who are afraid of silicone-oils because they find them too heavy since if used in moderation, this is super light. 
Müller, 6.99 €.

Texturising spray were more or less designed to inject volume and texture to thin, limp hair, so considering my coarse, thick type of hair, you'd think it'd be the last styling product I'd ever like. However, I really like it just after curling the hair as it just makes the curls look a bit better. It's like a dry shampoo on steroids, meaning it gives a lot of grip and a bit of hold, so it's like a dry shampoo-light hairspray hybrid or a dry version of a salt spray (it does have sea salt in it).
Boots International, 4.7 €.

Have a great day!
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