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Not surprising in the past months I found and bought more AliExpress bargains (eBay has the same things, you know that, but Ali has better organisation of the website and is often cheaper), so here's more bits I'm sharing with you. Previous posts are here: link 1, link 2 & link 3, plus a wishlist. Prices are the ones I paid, so they might be different of the link. Some links will eventually stop working, so just put the name/description of the product in the AliExpress search engine.

Clutch Wallet and a Cellphone Case with a Bow
By now I'm used to getting actual quality goods from AliExpress and this is another fantastic one. It looks like a mini clutch and it can hold a phone, some money plus there are plenty of spaces for credit cards. Only car keys won't fit, otherwise you're set. It very well made, I see no mistakes in the design, the outer casing feels soft, the opening mechanism works fine and you can either use the strap or not. It fits the my Galaxy S5, at least 8 cards, paper bills and change, though that compartment is a bit small. It's well worth the money, though my only concern is that it's possible the metal bits will lose their shine. I bought another one as a gift in light pink and I think it's prettier than red. There are several colours available.
Link, $9.58

Rose Gold Watch
I got this only to be in the pictures because I have the tinniest wrists known to mankind, so I haven't been able to buy a proper women's watch in my life, though I did have a sliver of hope that if I buy a watch for an Asian market, it'll be smaller, but it's pretty standard. You can't take off any links, so it'll only fit wrists size 19 cm or slightly smaller. Now that it's new it looks really good, elegant in a nice rose gold colour. It works surprisingly well considering these cheap watches always start being more and more inaccurate, but five months in, it's working well. Closing mechanism is very tight and can only be opened with nails. It exists in several designs and silver.
Link, $2.58

Smartphone LED Ring Selfie Light 
I take a ton of pictures for my blog and my lighting conditions are not the best, so I would need a ring light which costs way too much and I thought I'd try a cheap alternative. It turns out it's more of a gimmick than not, though it's a great thing to have if you're taking pictures in very low or at night because it's a thousand times better than flash. It arrives packaged so beautifully, so you can easily give it as a gift. It works fine, but it's not as bright as I had hoped. It's a good substitute for flash in darker conditions, but as an additional light source in less ideal light conditions, it's not strong enough. It fits Samsung Galaxy S5, though the plastic is very rigid. It turns on by holding the button and it has three brightness settings, I find the brightest one actually useful, the rest are not enough. I bought the larger one deliberately, but a more elegant one exists that fits nicer on the phones.
Link, $9.00

T-Shape Non Slip Cushion Heel Protector
These look and feel comfortable, though I haven't stuck them to any pair of shoes yet (no new shoes in about a year), but I have something similar from before and it works great. These are also good when you're trying to make the shoes smaller, which us petite ladies buying shoes in Slovenia desperately need (a tip to all of you - shoes from New Look. The only ones that aren't ridiculously wide. By the way, their 36 is ours 35). These exist is beige, pink, violet and leopard print, plus you can also find clear silicone versions.
Link, $0.96

Paper Punch Shape Cutter Tool
I thought I ordered a bow shape, but I ended up with a heart - bleh, too cheesy. Regardless it works fine and it isn't too hard to squeeze on normal paper, but on thicker one it's already a challenge. Shape always comes out fine. This comes in several shapes.
Link, $0.72

Bunny Shaped Cable Wire Organizer
I bought these to organise the cables on my desk. These are made from silicone and they're flexible enough, though you need to pull apart the ears and it takes so extra effort to push in the cable (only thin ones fit, like those for phones or cameras). However, the added stickers are complete crap, so I needed to use my Tesa double-sided tape. These come in three more colours: red, blue and green.
Link, $0.61

Black Cat Cable Organiser
These are longer than I expected, which makes them even better because you can organise much longer and thicker cables, not just headphones. It's got a wire inside, that's why it holds and bends so well. I have it for cables of my curling irons. This was such a great buy.
Link, $0.68

Hair Trimmer
I used to have one of these, also a cheap one, so naturally it broke after about a year. This one doesn't cut close to the skin, but it cuts well. The battery isn't included, but you get a mini brush to clean and a useless attachment for longer hair. It's not the best, but it's fine.
Link, $1.99

Tea Infuser
I already said I bought these in my last bargains post, but they haven't arrived yet by the time I posted it. Well now I can show you how they look (I bought four). These are made from a very soft silicone and the hands can swivel as well as detach. It sits nice on the edge of the cup, but you need to have the water all the way to the edge. Though it's completely hollow, only the bottom part serves its purpose and it's quite small. More gimmicky than not, but it's a cool inexpensive gift. It's now available in several colours.
Link, $0.72

Lip Shaped Tube Squeezer
Affordable, cute and useful. I put these on toothpastes and hand creams so I'll be able to get every bit of the product out. There are also versions with cute animals, but I choose lips, which also come in pink.
Link, $0.99

Headphone Cable Organiser
These are cable organisers for small and short cables, such as for earphones, phone and camera USB cables,… The silicone material is very flexible and the plastic clasp holds well, so my cables are much better organised now (I used hair clips before). Too bad you can't pick the colours yourself, but I got mostly the cute ones, except the ugly dinosaur.
Link, $1.99

Polka Dot  Satin Ribbon 10 mm
I have several colours of these bought in Slovenia, but I could never find it in navy blue, so I ordered it online. Here you get 15 m.
Link, $1.29

Satin Ribbon 40mm
Again I have several ribbons already, but mint green and proper pale peachy were impossible to find here, as are many other normal colours (we only have fluorescent colours here). Bows look really good with these since they are large, but they are a bit more expensive online than here. I still want more colours. One roll is 22 m.
Link, $2.71

Sample Pots 10Pc
Here sample pots are not the cheapest (80 cents in Műller for one), so I got a pack of them online because these always come in handy. These are 5 ml, but you can find other sizes and colours.
Link, $1.14

15g Gold Empty Pot
This ended up looking quite nice, though I bought it almost as a joke because I was annoyed with sample bags. I store Tony Moly Prestige Jeju Snail Cream in it which I bought 20 samples of. It looks super fancy, though the gold is too yellow for my taste. It comes in more colours at other sellers:  silver, violet, pink and green.  
Link, $1.77 (Shipping took forever from this seller, close to two months)

Vitamin Pill Telescopic Ballpoint Pens
These are just the cutest. A bit bigger that I imagined, but that's not an issue. Obviously the stem with the ink can't be big, but they write just fine and by the way, all are the same colour, so classic blue. You get all 6 for the price.
Link, $1.52

Polka Dot Ballpoint Pen
Anyone who knows me at least a little bit will recognise this as my sort of dream pen - mint green plus polka dots, both things I love (aside from galaxy pattern). It's just a basic pen with blue ink. I regret not getting a few more of these, since I can't find this exact one anymore, but there are similar ones sold now.
Link, $ 0.80

Smartphone Silicone Case Grumpy Cat
Just a simple clear soft phone case with a printed grumpy cat picture. Mine fits Samsung S5, but they also have it for other Galaxy models and iPhones.
Link, $1.71

Have you found any great AliExpress or eBay bargains recently?  Have a great day!
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