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I bought this so long ago and I gave it a fair shot, but things aren't going well between us. I'm a fan of the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep, not so much of the Miracle Moist shampoo, though it's not a complete miss, but I feel that this leave-in just isn't cutting it. In fact the only thing saving it, is the fantastic bubblegum scent which is identical as at the other two before mentioned products.

Here is why I'm just not impressed by it - it just doesn't really do anything. It was designed with weak, distressed hair in mind and promises to protect against damage and to detangle, so Aussie isn't outrageously bold in their claims, but I still wish it performed better.

I've tried it on dry and damp hair, tested it on my as well as on other people's hair and it's just blah. On damp hair it's doesn't really inject any additional moisture nor does it have any frizz control. It's also not a heat protectant, so spraying it on the hair before drying it, just doesn't do much of anything apart from making it smell nice and even that doesn't last particularly long. Maybe it makes the hair easier to comb, but the brush usually just glides through my hair after washing, so I can't asses that function of it. As far as protecting against damage is concerned, I haven't noticed my hair getting any stronger and the hair still breaks at the "usual level".  But it's the effect on dry hair that I have a real issue with it. Again I feel not much moisture is added to the hair, it just dampens the hair, which wouldn't be a bad thing as I'd still use it like I do many other leave-ins - to make my hair a bit damp before putting it in a high bun so I have nice waves in the morning. However, it does make my hair noticeable laden with product. It's not sticky or anything, but kind of heavy or even a bit dirty feeling and I feel like I need to wash my hair soon. This only happens when used on dry hair, while on damp hair I can spray it very liberally, however, it's not as lightweight as it claims to be.  

I'm really not impressed by this leave-in. It smells fantastic, but that's it. My HG still remains the phenomenal Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner (could it possibly have an even longer name?) without which I just can't imagine being even for a single wash. 

I got this leave-in in a Croatian DM and I haven't seen it in our Műllers. It was 5-6 €.

Have a great day!
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