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I am terribly picky when it comes to shampoo, which may sound strange since it is just shampoo, but when you hair is as dry as mine, you can't really afford to buy rubbish things. I've already fallen in love with the 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor and I find it one of the best drugstore hair treatments, so this alone encouraged me to try more things from Aussie. Miracle Moist shampoo is quite praised as being good for dry hair, so it was the first on my list.

Texture: The shampoo is creamy and easy to work with, I especially appreciate how well it foams as even on the first wash it forms a lot of thick foam.

Performance: It cleans the hair well and removes most of the dandruff that is stuck on my scalp but not all. The hair is left almost squeaky clean, so it's not moisturising (or moisturising enough for my hair), but that also means it leaves the hair very light and airy. I wouldn't be surprised if someone with oily hair liked it. The fact it's not nourishing results in the hair being a bit difficult to comb through after washing, which is something I'm not fond of.

Scent: The scent is just divine. It has the same sweet, bubble gum scent as the 3 Minute Miracle and it lasts so well. Love.


Packaging: Just a simple bottle, but made from softer plastic than most, meaning it's easy to squeeze.

Price: I paid 6 € on Feel Unique. It's also sold in Boots and some DM's across Europe. I hear Aussie is now sold in Slovene Müllers.

It's an average shampoo, but the good kind of average, so it's not amazing, but decent. The scent won me over, although, if it weren't for the bubble gum scent I wouldn't like it as much. However, I love this in conjunction with the 3 Minutes Miracle, since for some reason the combination of the two works amazingly well. This shampoo should work for most people and you'll probably like it a lot, but if you have super dry hair and expect moisture, look somewhere else (I like Fructis Oil Repair 3 from the drugstore selection).

Have a great day!
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