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I basically waited the entire year to feature this in autumn picks. It's just the most perfect palette for this time of the year with the warm chocolate, golden and reddish-purple shades. It's ridiculously pricey, but the quality is so great and I use it all the time, so it was worth the investment. 

Ah, the cheaper alternative. I won't say it's as good as Too Faced, actually not by a long shot, nor it is in any way a dupe, but if you're on a budget and you buy a good primer, these work just fine. A lot of the shades end up looking very similar on the lids, so there's actually not a lot of variety and pigmentation varies from shade to shade, however for the price you still get a nice neutral palette with a very wearable selection of shades.

With the gloomier weather we can afford some extra glow on the cheeks and not a lot of highlighters deliver as well as Mary. It's very golden, but it works on pale skin as long as you don't overdo it and it gives such an amazing glow.

I have a few similar shades, but I already featured them in my previous autumn posts, so this time it's Romantic Rose that gets the spot. Besides it's by far the most beautiful. It's a muted warm pinky-natural shade that gives the cheeks a bit of colour and some definition. Dupes include Catrice I'm Nuts About you and allegedly Tarte's Exposed, while Trend it Up blush 050 is only a bit lighter and warmer. 

I'm not a fan of powders because I hate the fake-foundation look they give, but this along with Bourjois' Java powder are notable exceptions. It sets the makeup, but doesn't have a heavy powdery look and it still leaves the skin with some natural radiance. Don't let the colours scare you because it's translucent on the face.

I could have 20 autumnal shades here, but I narrowed it down to six and the reason I chose Birthday Suit over its colour cousins (check my 90's inspired Fall lipstick post) is because it is the most mauve, muted and oxidises into a more browny shade. It's very matte and can be potential drying if you're sensitive to such things, but I wear it a lot.

Something darker next, but still in the nudes family - well kind off. You know it depends on your skin tone when it comes to light shades, but this one looks a peachy muted slightly rosy-brown shade on me. The formula is again matte, these are not the most pigmented and don't last as long as others, but these lip creams are probably the safest bet when you want something matte for drier lips. 

This shade looks very dark on me, but it just screams autumn and it's my first choice from this list. The darker your skin tone, the more mauve-rosy it will look, while on porcelain skins like mine, it's a grunge dirty rose colour that looks like a killer alternative to burgundies. Formula of these is amazing and this shade sets in a few minutes to a perfect matte finish, the colour just last forever on the lips and it's one of the more comfortable matte lip creams. 

Don't be scared of how pigmented it looks on my swatch because I deliberately included it here as it's a great way to wear a sheer plummy stain on the lips, so this is for all of those who are still shy when it comes to makeup. The colour can be build up a lot, but you can wear only a hint of colour and these are lovely for dry lips. Alternative included Catrice's Remarry Berry, while a more muted violet option is Rimmel's Sloane's Plum.

Milani has the best matte classic lipsticks because they come closest to the proper matte finish. Flirty looks on me like Mac's Rebel does on most people (which is on me a straight up violet purple), so a red-purple shade that's a nice twist on the deep berry shades for the colder months.

I have a ton of burgundy shades (I should probably make a post just about them), but this year it's Maybelline that gets the spot and it's because I find very similar to Mac's Diva. The formula actually isn't matte, it's more of a creamy matte and it transfers, but it's a comfortable way to wear a deep shade which still doesn't look too shiny. After some time this sets on the lips and it's not that easy to remove, however, if you want to be more secure with something that doesn't budge, try theBalm's Adorable.

I know I included this last year, but it's a modern looking shade that just screams autumn to me. It's a muted purple with some grey tones. 

If you're looking for a cheap medium muted pink shade than this is it. On me it's quite dark and that's the thing that makes it an autumnal choice for me, while Essie's Eternal Optimist is an all-year shade. Formula is very thick and gel like, so I only need one coat.

My new love. I've already featured Essie's Sole Mate twice and Bahama Mama last year, so this time I'm only including L.O:V.s one because it's like a slightly lighter mix of those two. It's a purple red shade that depending on the light looks either more burgundy or more purple. The formula is great and I love the brush of these nail polishes, so I'm not that bothered by the higher price for a drugstore product.

290 Ash Allusion
Since I loved 210, I wanted more shades of these and this one is such a perfect autumnal colour. It's a taupe that's actually more grey, but it does have a bit of brown in it that makes it warmer. A lovely taupe choice is also Model's Own Midsummer Mauve which is more purple.

ESSENCE Midnight Masquerade TE Nail Polish
01 Meet Me at Midnight and 02 Black Cats Wanted
These are from the current Essence edition, so if you want them, you'll have to hurry. I love the look of both because they remind me of the universe and I just love galaxy/space stuff. 01 Meet Me at Midnight is a bright blue-teal duo chrome shimmer on a black base and 02 is a purple-pink duo chrome shimmer on a black base. Both are opaque in two coats.

It's actually a fragrance that fits into any season and that's because of its changing character. It starts off with a fab peachy note, but white flowers are more prominently featured once the heart is revealed, but what's going to stick with you the longest is an interesting cocoa note (nothing like chocolate or cocoa drink, but it's recognisable). Sounds like a mess, but it's far from it and it's a great every day scent. Peach and cocoa - who would have thought that would work?

Some might say that Olympea is another all-year fragrance and it is, but it's a much deeper, more characteristic fragrance than The Scent. I get a various burst of notes every time I spray it, sometimes it's chocolate-hazelnutty, then other times full on jasmine and other times it's lovely woody. 

If you're not into vintage scents, this might not be up your taste, but it's such a unique scent in the drugstores and miles away from the usual fruity vanilla gourmand concoctions that Victoria Secret sells. It smells so nice, classy, vintage-y, floral-clean (citrusy) and it has a high-end fragrance vibe. Notes include bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. Staying power on the skin is weak, so I prefer to spray this on clothes and hair to make it last longer. 

BATH & BODY WORKS Pocket Bac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Pumpkin Cupcake and Pumpkin Cranberry Cider
I had a feeling Bath & Body Works have some amazing fall scents, after all the hype can't be for nothing and I was right. I adore cinnamon, but I've been having trouble finding products with this scent that wouldn't smell fake (everything just smells like boring vanilla here) and BBW delivers. Pumpkin Cupcake smells like cookies speculaas (spiced cookies and the spices include everything in pumpkin spice mix - cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and nutmeg), which I love, while Pumpkin Cranberry Cider smells like Ledeni Čaj Brusnica from the start, so sweet cranberry fruity, but quickly becomes basically the same cinnamon scent like Pumpkin Cupcake. I have to warn you though that the scents are very strong, like a fragrance and they can linger for hours. That's what I want from a product, but I know there are a lot of people who would find this very irritating. I would so love to have more of these.

Have a great day!
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