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This is the second shade I got from this line, so I've already talked about the formula and its similarity to Milani's Moisturising Matte lipstick, which alongside this one are my second favourite classic lipstick formula (after Colourpop Matte X). Peach Flattters is one of the original shades, they've expanded the range since the launch (I have the new Awakening Rose too, but I'll post swatches sometime later) and it's one of those shades that tends to look very different depending on your skin tone.

I've reviewed the formula when I posted about the shade Ravishing Rose, but this is again another very high quality matte lipstick with a lovely siliconey-soft formula that just glides on the lips and has a nice sort of matte finish. To me Colourpop Matte X have the most perfect matte finish among lipsticks, but these are my second favourite, since they are very close to being properly matte (though I have to say the new Bourjois Rouge Velvet the Lipstick is so lovely too and even more matte looking).

A few years ago I was on this endless quest for peachy-pink lipsticks that actually work with porcelain skin tones and don't look orange. Well, this is another such shade. It's a muted peachy-pink with just the right mix of both tones and though it's muted, it still has that bit of brightness that lifts up the skin tone. However, if your skin tone is pink, this will look orange on you, while on those who aren't as pale as me, I suspect it won't just look lighter, but also pinker. I have no dupes, Milani's Darling is much pinker and the discontinued Catrice I'm Matt About You is brighter.

I got mine from the fabulous Adjusting Beauty who swatched all shades. Regular price in Avon catalogue is 8.5 €, though they often run an offer.

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